Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Note to Self

As wholesome as Little House on the Prairie may be, your daughters will be TRAUMATIZED by it. Miss A. was seriously crying last week when Carrie fell in a hole and they were trying to dig her out. (I must say that I was teary-eyed right along with her.) Today, the dog died. It's all just a bit too much. I don't remember it being that sad. Trauma and all, it is rather fun to hear them playing Little House and calling each other Mary, Laura, and Carrie though. I may think differently when they start calling us Ma and Pa. Aaah, a throw back to my childhood. Shall we all go roll down the hill together?

Preschool Humor

Miss A. "Knock, Knock"
Miss C. "Who's there?"
Miss A. "Orange"
Miss C. "Orange Who?"
Miss A. "Orange Skirt"

Followed by uproarious laughter, you know the kind where the milk comes out your nose!

Exactly what age do they actually get knock knock jokes?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Couldn't Agree More

Check out her blog entry about Pygmalion.

While I have not watched the movie, I watched the clip she was referring to. I must say that is exactly what bathtime is often like in our house except multiplied by three. What a joy! I am so thankful not to live in an apartment because I am pretty sure DFS would have already been called!

A Book Review

I haven't actually written a book review since college. Don't get me wrong, I've been doing plenty of reading, just not reviewing. Actually, come to think of it, plenty of reviewing too, just not on paper. I recommend books like they are going out of style. I keep lists of books I have read or would like to read. In fact, my wish list on Amazon keeps growing and growing and growing. I take one off and add five, or so it seems. Anyway, this is going to be real informal. I'm just betting it would get me a failing grade in school, but that's the joy of reading for pleasure, no formalities to fulfill.

On to the book, I read another book by this author a few years back and LOVED it (Creative Counterpart). So, I decided to finally read this one also. It was a little dusty seeing as how it has been on my bookshelf for at least two years. I figure what better time to read a book about anxiety than after a career change, a big move, an earthquake, and deciding to homeschool!

By the way, the husband likes to watch lots of crime shows or 20/20 episodes about real-life crimes or I Survived episodes just as I am getting ready to go to bed. I am not one to go to sleep easily after watching those kinds of shows. If I don't have trouble falling asleep, I at least wake up with nightmares a few times. So, instead of going straight to bed after seeing one of his shows, I took up reading a chapter from this book. Let me tell you, it was wonderful! No nightmares! It put things all in perspective for me. Here's a look at a few of my favorite chapters and what it taught me.

1. Chapter 2: Content with Circumstances
Contentment is a choice. I choose to give anxiety to God. I choose to pray specifically. I choose to be thankful. I choose to dwell on the positive.

2. Chapter 4: Content with My Role
Slow down and enjoy my portion that I have been given. My role will change sooner than I want it too. All roles are difficult. All roles provide opportunity. Things could be much worse. (I have often been very thankful that I was born in the USA and not during the colonial times. I absolutely would have starved to death if I had to kill the chicken and cook it! Just a reminder that God knows me better than I know myself and He knows exactly where He wants me!)

3. Chapter 8: Worry Is Like a Rocking Chair
"Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do but it won't get you anywhere."
"We have moments absolutely free from worry. These brief respites are called panic!"

In a nutshell (I always picture the husband doing his little mime routine trying to get out of the nutshell when someone says this.), I really like this book. It wasn't really deep. It was mostly stuff I have already read or know, but there were many personal stories from the author that applied it in such a way as to be a great reminder. I might just pull this book out and give it another read whenever I am feeling especially anxious about something. Who am I kidding, anxious at all, to be especially anxious would be exactly what I just read should never happen!

Things to do after reading this book...
1. Write out my personalized life purpose (or life verse).
2. Make an Anxiety Box. Want to know what that is? Well, you'll just have to read the book and find out! ;)

There you have it, my informal book report. Now, what book am I going to start reading? My book budget is non-existant so until I can get the new library card, it will have to be something on the bookshelf. I'm sure you are dying to find out.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miss C

"It was knotted and needed watered."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday TV

Okay, so the husband and I didn't really watch TV that long, but thanks to the commercials and remote control we caught several shows. Here's the lowdown....

1. Where have all the losers gone? I miss The Biggest Loser already. I know the finale was only last week, but the inspirational TV is gone for the summer.

2. Idol was less than impressive. My three favorites are not exactly the Broadway-type, so I was just bored.

3. Because of the boring Idol, we also caught some Dancing with the Stars. I don't like it because they don't wear many clothes, but we caught the kids that were dancing and they were so cute and good! I'm still amazed that Marlee was able to do that too!

4. Hell's Kitchen. All I have to say is who would seriously submit themselves to that and that guy has some issues! I will not be tuning in for that ever again. I'll stick to Rachel and Paula for the culinary entertainment!

That's it, a little Idol this evening and my TV watching is done for the week. Except for cooking shows that is, because the girls are loving watching cooking shows and I CANNOT WAIT for them to take over the cooking!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Operation Greenies On The Move

Today THEY (and by THEY I mean the true Green people who are celebrating this Earth Day by removing the trash from my yard) have successfully removed used carpet pad from the 60s, window coverings from the same era, and a used mop from you guessed it, the 60s! It feels like I am on some covert operation looking out my windows inconspicuously as people dig through my "Dump Your Junk" pile. Those people, I am calling Greenies, so we are now going to refer to this Earth Day entertainment as Operation Greenies On The Move. Anyone else have a greenie lurking in your neighborhood?

Kindred Hearts

This is a quote from Jesus: 90 Days with The One and Only by Beth Moore about Mary and Elizabeth.
"How tender the God who shared with her through an angel that someone nearby could relate...Can you imagine their conversation over tea? One too old, the other too young. One married to an old priest, the other promised to a young carpenter. One heavy with child, the other with no physical evidence to fuel her faith. But God had graciously given them one another with a bond to braid their lives forever."

She goes on, "Women are like that, aren't they? We long to find someone who has been where we've been, who shares our fragile places, who sees our sunsets with the same shades of blue."

And then to ponder, "Has God ever provided you someone to share your joy in the impossible or to understand the peculiar places you find yourself in? Determine how you will be used of God to be that person for someone else, when the need arises."

Oh how those words reach deep into my wounds this morning. During my first pregnancy, all I wanted was to feel God's comfort. I didn't know how. I was so bitter about what was happening that I couldn't let Him comfort me. I see that now. I didn't see it then.

The best part of it all is that He didn't just leave me to wallow in my bitterness and self-pity, He provided comfort through those around me. Those that I would allow to comfort me. I can see it now. I couldn't see it then. It was HIM that was giving the comfort, they were the vessels. I have so much gratitude in my heart for those women, those families, who were vessels full of HIS comfort for us. They poured themselves out in a situation where they didn't even know how. Because of that, I can now say that He is the God of ALL Comfort. You may know who you are, you may not, and you may never even read this, but I thank you and you will forever be a Kindred Heart to me!

It is my desire to be a vessel of comfort to as many women as God sees fit in this journey. What good is comfort if we do not share it with others? How can we be comforted and then watch others in pain and not comfort them?

Today, I have a renewed desire to be a vessel. Show me to whom you would pour me out, Lord! Today I choose to act when given opportunity, to share comfort to those in need, to step out of my comfort zone and be used by You!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I Heart Spring

Ahhh, the smell of fresh cut grass. The neighbors, not ours. No, ours is looking a little tall these days. See this is the first time in 11 years of marriage we have actually had a yard to mow, so we don't actually own any tools for the task and we haven't really had time to research and purchase anything. I am so sorry neighbors (not that any of you read this), we will cut our grass soon, just not this week. They really don't seem bothered by it, but there have been two ask us if we need anything to let them know. Were they hinting at us needing help cutting the grass? No, I'm not paranoid or anything!

They all really do seem very pleased to have us in the neighborhood. If the grass wasn't enough, we just might have them questioning our move today. This is "Dump Your Junk" week for the trash company which basically in our opinion means put everything you can possibly think of that you don't want out at the curb as early as possible on Monday morning so that there is no possibility the trash company will forget to take it. Might I just say that our house is quite an eye-sore right now, but we have become the ever-so-popular turn our trash into treasure stopping spot. I'm all about going green (by the way, I just did the online tour of the HGTV Green Home and I WANT that house!), but I have never quite understood the picking up stuff out of people's yards thing. Apparently one of our neighbors can use the 1960s glass enclosure we took off the shower when we moved in. Who woulda thought? I sort of think that maybe his enclosure broke in the earthquake and he really did need it. That's my philosophy anyhow. This whole post would be soooooo much better with pictures by the way.

So despite the beautiful junk heap in our front yard, we had a lot of fun outside with the girls. Miss O is into wearing the older girls helmets around even when not riding a bike. I wonder if people drive by and feel sorry for us with the little girl who has to wear a helmet because of the rare disease she has. Then again, maybe they feel sorry for that little girl with the over-protective parents who make her wear a helmet anytime she is outside. Either way, it's cute and we're providing much needed entertainment around here. (Let's give 'em something to talk about. Sorry, that was playing in my head. Good thing you can't actually hear my singing because that would have been tragic!)

After emptying the entire contents of our garage out to the front curb, we moved some furniture that we had been given for the girl's room in finally. I am not quite sure why I thought that much furniture would fit into a 10 x 9 room, but I was determined to make it work. I still haven't figured it out. Furniture rearranging isn't exactly the best job for the spatially-challenged to take on. The wall ALWAYS looks longer than the furniture until I have already moved the furniture to find out otherwise. Tomorrow is a new day.

Well, we've had a full day of garage cleaning, yard piling, and furniture rearranging, and not much else bloggable. Watching the Cards game with the husband and then calling it an evening, well maybe a little reading. My anxious heart needs a little calming.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Whole Lotta Shakin'

So I had just crawled back in bed at about 4:30 this morning after getting Miss C a drink of water. I lay may head on the pillow thinking that I was going to drift off to sleep for a few more hours, when what to my wandering ears should appear but the sound of a reindeer running on the roof. Seriously, that's what it sounded like. I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Could there really be a LARGE animal running around on our roof?

Then came the revelation I needed, I had just watched the news before going to bed and they said a cold front was coming through and that meant severe weather. So I yell, "It's a tornado!" (To which my husband swears he said, "No, I think it is an earthquake." However, before I could even grab the baby and go downstairs, he was already downstairs with Miss A and Miss C, so I don't really think he was that convinced of his earthquake diagnosis.) In his defense, he was still in a slumber stuper at that point.

Realizing it probably was not a tornado at this point or straightline winds for that matter, I send him up to turn on the TV and see what the heck was going on. Large reindeer seen running around town? An elephant loose from the zoo? Aliens playing football on roofs? Seriously, there HAD to be something on the roof! Alas, from upstairs I hear, "It was an earthquake." Now, all you west-coast folk probably find my naivete very hilarious. I am not amused.

Since we were all awake, I found this a good time to explain to the girls that in an earthquake you do not go to the basement and proceed to tell them where they should go. Now they are completely aware that it was Mommy's decision to go to the basement. And just because I was already feeling stupid enough, the weather guy says, "We are getting reports of a lot of people going to their basements. That is not a safe place to go in an earthquake." To which Miss C replies, "See Mommy, Daddy was right." Thank you Miss C and thank you weatherman for clarifying who the idiot is in the house today. And just so y'all know, I totally know what to do in an earthquake, it's just that I thought we were having a TORNADO!

I am done watching the weather before bed, it just confuses me! Of course if there were any pictures hanging on the walls of our new house and one had fallen. I might have figured out the whole earthquake thing myself. Enjoy a little laughter at my expense today, I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breakfast and Theology of Champions

Breakfast in our house is usually whatever Mommy puts on your plate, but lately they have been choosing from the wide variety of breakfast bars or cereal. You see, we haven't been grocery shopping in a LONG time. With every request this morning, the answer was pretty much we're out of that. So, after about the 10th request from Miss A and her turning down my two options, I ever so graciously replied, "If it is food, we are pretty much out of it, okay?" Yet, I have no plans to go to the grocery store today either unless the husband makes it home from work early enough for me to go BY MYSELF. Seriously, I think the entire community should be thankful for my empty pantry seeing as how I am keeping all the germs to myself and who really wants me going to the store with three children who can't get along well enough right now to be in the same room together much less the same cart.

Okay, so we finally get our breakfast decided and force down the yucky-make-my-mother-crazy-for-the-next-10-days medicine in time to sit down and have a great theological debate. It was oh so stimulating for my already over-stimulated brain, but at the same time, it was so fun to hear!

Our theological debate between Miss A (4) and Miss C (3) started with a discussion of how Miss C did not want to go to the scary Garden of Eden because of the sneaky snake, to which Miss A was nicely telling her that it was just the snake that was scary not the Garden and she couldn't go there anyway. Miss C was not having any of this, because see her middle name is Eden, which of course means that she is the only human being who can actually go the Garden of Eden. But of course, she doesn't want to (because it is scary), but just so y'all know she is totally the only one who can go whenever she chooses because that is her middle name! That was enough to keep me laughing just long enough for the grape juice to head for my nose, but not where the debate ended.

Topic number two. Is God male or female. Seriously, is this even needed. What have they been teaching you in Sunday School. Thankfully Miss C had the level head on this one, well sort of. Miss A simply commented that Miss C could not call God him because we didn't know if He was male or female to which Miss C replied, well He is Our Father! Miss A feeling rather silly simply replied, "Oh yeah, that's right." Then Miss C, in a moment of weakness, decided maybe she wasn't right after all. Because God couldn't be our father if He is the father of Jesus, because he is absoltely not our brother, we only have four girls in our family and Mommy did not give birth to Jesus. (Thank heaven because I'm not sure I would have been as trusting as Mary was and I really don't think I would have been so praise-giving without the epidural!)

Was that the end of the debate? Not quite, we then had to debate how we get to see Jesus. This is the part where I got a little teary-eyed because there is something about hearing your daughters say that they want to see Jesus because they love him that just makes you grateful. Miss A was adamant that you can only see Jesus when you die and go to heaven like Jael our sister(okay more teary-eyedness), but Miss C thought she might just be able to see Him in the Garden of Eden. I mean after all she is the only one who can go there because of her middle name and all. She just wants to see her some Jesus today. That's my same goal for today too. I think maybe I have already seen me some Jesus over breakfast. I just needed the theology of toddlers to see Him more clearly. Maybe I should grocery shop today after all, I mean I don't know what to serve Jesus for lunch if He joins us there too! Certainly the King of Kings doesn't eat Spaghettios does He?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

Miss A. (4-year-old) "Who wiped their bottom and didn't flush the toilet?"
Miss C. (3-year-0ld) "Me. I'm just tired of hearing that flushing sound."

Tomorrow at breakfast....

Miss A. (4-year-old) "Why are there not any clean plates?"
Mommy (30-year-old) "I'm just tired of hearing that dishwashing sound."

I'm Just Sayin'!

Books, Bottles, BlackBerrys, Blogs, Babies, and Budgets

The learning curve is STEEP at my house right now and frankly I'm not sure my congested head can handle it.

Books-So, I went to a homeschool conference totally hoping to be convinced that I needed to just send Miss A. to Kindergarten in the fall. Not so, I am totally convicted and inspired that teaching her from home is exactly where she needs to be. I've got a lot to learn to be the teacher I want to be, but I'm confident God will get me there. I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about homeschooling in the future. For now, my head can't handle it because of the other B's.

Bottles-of medicine that is. Yep, it's here again, the nasty respiratory stuff. I feel like my head might just explode at any given moment. I'm just hoping it is not while cooking for my children because that would just be, well, gross. Although, the odds of that happening are slim to none because I haven't really been cooking either. Anyway, the learning curve part here is trying to keep straight the nine different prescriptions to cover all three children and then somehow remember when I last took Sudafed also. I think my poor brain is misfiring. And just because I'm working on less than full capacity, the new BlackBerrys came today, which leads me to the next B.

BlackBerrys-Yes, we now have caught up in the information age. Or at least look like we have. I don't have a clue how to use the thing. I tried doing the wizard to set it up today and seriously, all I want to do is have the comfort of pushing the one-touch dial to call my support group (mainly my sister and sister-in-law). That's really all the brain-power and energy I can muster today. Everything else seems well, a bit too much information for today. The husband is extremely excited about his and wanting to add every function possible. I feel as if I should be exuberant so as not to disappoint his new BlackBerry adventure. Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month in all honesty. I WILL join your fun adventure Mr. N, just because it actually is fun to see you excited about it and I don't want to Burst any BlackBerry Bubbles because that is just three more Bs to contend with. Then there is the B that I am excited about.

Blogs-If I could learn how to really do this blog thing it would be awesome. I'm just kind of muddling through until I have time to dig in and check out some kind of tutorial or something. I really want to, just too many B's to juggle right now.

Babies-NO, not a new one. In fact the one I'm writing about is hardly a baby anymore, but I'm totally sticking with that title until her birthday, then I might let her graduate to toddler. Anyhoo, I really just added her to the learning curve because I am trying desperately to type this post while her little toes keep touching my keyboard. Yes, her thing is that whenever Mommy is on the computer and she doesn't want Mommy on the computer, why not place her feet on the keyboard because she knows that I have to pay attention to her by swatting at her feet in between every stroke of the keyboard. Thus, there must be some program out there for teaching you how to type while swatting at baby feet?

Budgets-I actually kind of get excited about budgets. I know I am totally a geek and should have majored in accounting, (not that all accounting people are geeks, that's totally not what I mean). More than anything it is just exciting to have a plan and the challenge to stick to it. Here's the deal though, with the new career change for the husband, the budget is much lower than it was previously. Not complaining, God is totally providing and I know he will continue to. It's just that to be a good steward I'm gonna have to get this whole grocery budget down. So, I'm going through a learning curve to seek out some info on eating healthier on a small budget.

Okay, there you have it, all the B's in my life that are making up my STEEP learning curve. I'm sure I'll be posting more about each of these, but for now, I just want to crawl in Bed. Ahh, now there is a B I can handle.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Note to Self

When your 20-month-old is so quiet you think she is still sleeping and she should have woken up from her nap already, do not allow her to keep sleeping so that you can have a few more moments of me time. This only ends up with a room that smells very foul, a crib and bedding that need sanitized, a child who must go immediately to the bathtub without passing go, and the smell will be permanently etched in your nose hairs for many years to come. You would have thought I would have learned that lesson two children ago.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let the Blogging Begin

Okay, this is the first attempt at blogging for me. My world has been turned upside down and I have realized that once the nausea wears off, there is a lot of blogging material happening here. So, I figure instead of calling my sister a million times a day to let it out, why not put it here and give her ear a little rest and relaxation. That and I've been planning to journal for my children for oh, almost five years now and have yet to do it.

So, here we go, blogging, my new hobby, release, and excuse to not write in the journals I bought for the girls. Let me just introduce you to my providers of material.

First of all there is the husband. He's the inspiration for a lot of things creative in my life. He is a filmmaker after all, so creativity abounds in his life, and he seems to think that since I married him I should abound in creativity as well.

Then, there are the girls. There are actually four girls in my life who inspire me.

My firstborn perhaps inspires me the most. We just celebrated what would have been her sixth birthday last week. Celebrated? Yes, she survived only a few short hours after her birth, but those were the most inspirational two hours of my life. God taught me a lot through her life and how can I not celebrate that? She will forever inspire me to love God, love my husband, love my children, and just plain love.

Girl number two is Miss A. Born just 13 months later and about to turn 5 next month, she is the sweetest, most intelligent, beautiful, and hilarious four year old ever. We have countless minutes of snuggle time every day. (She swears she will still do this when she is a teenager by the way, and I'm not about to argue.)

Number three, Miss C. She is 15 months younger than Miss A, though never going to admit it. She is the, shall we say, Spirited one. We're told she could be a model she is so pretty. I think she knows it too. Yep, I am sure she will provide the most material. She is a darling thing one minute and a force to be reckoned with the next. We love her so.

That brings us to number four, Miss O. One year old still, though not for long. Oh my word, she is adorable. Plenty of material here too.

My biggest inspiration is Jesus. I want to share my successes and failures in this journey called life because He is what it is all about, and I need to be reminded of that quite frequently, especially the days when conversations with Him are the only ones I have with someone older than 4.

There you have it, my reason for blogging. From here on out, the blogs will be much more entertaining, at least from my perspective, which may be a little askew based on the amount of pink I'm surrounded by.