Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Books, Bottles, BlackBerrys, Blogs, Babies, and Budgets

The learning curve is STEEP at my house right now and frankly I'm not sure my congested head can handle it.

Books-So, I went to a homeschool conference totally hoping to be convinced that I needed to just send Miss A. to Kindergarten in the fall. Not so, I am totally convicted and inspired that teaching her from home is exactly where she needs to be. I've got a lot to learn to be the teacher I want to be, but I'm confident God will get me there. I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about homeschooling in the future. For now, my head can't handle it because of the other B's.

Bottles-of medicine that is. Yep, it's here again, the nasty respiratory stuff. I feel like my head might just explode at any given moment. I'm just hoping it is not while cooking for my children because that would just be, well, gross. Although, the odds of that happening are slim to none because I haven't really been cooking either. Anyway, the learning curve part here is trying to keep straight the nine different prescriptions to cover all three children and then somehow remember when I last took Sudafed also. I think my poor brain is misfiring. And just because I'm working on less than full capacity, the new BlackBerrys came today, which leads me to the next B.

BlackBerrys-Yes, we now have caught up in the information age. Or at least look like we have. I don't have a clue how to use the thing. I tried doing the wizard to set it up today and seriously, all I want to do is have the comfort of pushing the one-touch dial to call my support group (mainly my sister and sister-in-law). That's really all the brain-power and energy I can muster today. Everything else seems well, a bit too much information for today. The husband is extremely excited about his and wanting to add every function possible. I feel as if I should be exuberant so as not to disappoint his new BlackBerry adventure. Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month in all honesty. I WILL join your fun adventure Mr. N, just because it actually is fun to see you excited about it and I don't want to Burst any BlackBerry Bubbles because that is just three more Bs to contend with. Then there is the B that I am excited about.

Blogs-If I could learn how to really do this blog thing it would be awesome. I'm just kind of muddling through until I have time to dig in and check out some kind of tutorial or something. I really want to, just too many B's to juggle right now.

Babies-NO, not a new one. In fact the one I'm writing about is hardly a baby anymore, but I'm totally sticking with that title until her birthday, then I might let her graduate to toddler. Anyhoo, I really just added her to the learning curve because I am trying desperately to type this post while her little toes keep touching my keyboard. Yes, her thing is that whenever Mommy is on the computer and she doesn't want Mommy on the computer, why not place her feet on the keyboard because she knows that I have to pay attention to her by swatting at her feet in between every stroke of the keyboard. Thus, there must be some program out there for teaching you how to type while swatting at baby feet?

Budgets-I actually kind of get excited about budgets. I know I am totally a geek and should have majored in accounting, (not that all accounting people are geeks, that's totally not what I mean). More than anything it is just exciting to have a plan and the challenge to stick to it. Here's the deal though, with the new career change for the husband, the budget is much lower than it was previously. Not complaining, God is totally providing and I know he will continue to. It's just that to be a good steward I'm gonna have to get this whole grocery budget down. So, I'm going through a learning curve to seek out some info on eating healthier on a small budget.

Okay, there you have it, all the B's in my life that are making up my STEEP learning curve. I'm sure I'll be posting more about each of these, but for now, I just want to crawl in Bed. Ahh, now there is a B I can handle.

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Matthew said...

Okay, we could totally picture all that. That was hilarious. Miss O's toes adventure on the keyboard was so funny. I love reading your blog. I feel like I am there and not missing out on anything. Grandma loved it too.