Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breakfast and Theology of Champions

Breakfast in our house is usually whatever Mommy puts on your plate, but lately they have been choosing from the wide variety of breakfast bars or cereal. You see, we haven't been grocery shopping in a LONG time. With every request this morning, the answer was pretty much we're out of that. So, after about the 10th request from Miss A and her turning down my two options, I ever so graciously replied, "If it is food, we are pretty much out of it, okay?" Yet, I have no plans to go to the grocery store today either unless the husband makes it home from work early enough for me to go BY MYSELF. Seriously, I think the entire community should be thankful for my empty pantry seeing as how I am keeping all the germs to myself and who really wants me going to the store with three children who can't get along well enough right now to be in the same room together much less the same cart.

Okay, so we finally get our breakfast decided and force down the yucky-make-my-mother-crazy-for-the-next-10-days medicine in time to sit down and have a great theological debate. It was oh so stimulating for my already over-stimulated brain, but at the same time, it was so fun to hear!

Our theological debate between Miss A (4) and Miss C (3) started with a discussion of how Miss C did not want to go to the scary Garden of Eden because of the sneaky snake, to which Miss A was nicely telling her that it was just the snake that was scary not the Garden and she couldn't go there anyway. Miss C was not having any of this, because see her middle name is Eden, which of course means that she is the only human being who can actually go the Garden of Eden. But of course, she doesn't want to (because it is scary), but just so y'all know she is totally the only one who can go whenever she chooses because that is her middle name! That was enough to keep me laughing just long enough for the grape juice to head for my nose, but not where the debate ended.

Topic number two. Is God male or female. Seriously, is this even needed. What have they been teaching you in Sunday School. Thankfully Miss C had the level head on this one, well sort of. Miss A simply commented that Miss C could not call God him because we didn't know if He was male or female to which Miss C replied, well He is Our Father! Miss A feeling rather silly simply replied, "Oh yeah, that's right." Then Miss C, in a moment of weakness, decided maybe she wasn't right after all. Because God couldn't be our father if He is the father of Jesus, because he is absoltely not our brother, we only have four girls in our family and Mommy did not give birth to Jesus. (Thank heaven because I'm not sure I would have been as trusting as Mary was and I really don't think I would have been so praise-giving without the epidural!)

Was that the end of the debate? Not quite, we then had to debate how we get to see Jesus. This is the part where I got a little teary-eyed because there is something about hearing your daughters say that they want to see Jesus because they love him that just makes you grateful. Miss A was adamant that you can only see Jesus when you die and go to heaven like Jael our sister(okay more teary-eyedness), but Miss C thought she might just be able to see Him in the Garden of Eden. I mean after all she is the only one who can go there because of her middle name and all. She just wants to see her some Jesus today. That's my same goal for today too. I think maybe I have already seen me some Jesus over breakfast. I just needed the theology of toddlers to see Him more clearly. Maybe I should grocery shop today after all, I mean I don't know what to serve Jesus for lunch if He joins us there too! Certainly the King of Kings doesn't eat Spaghettios does He?

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