Monday, April 21, 2008

I Heart Spring

Ahhh, the smell of fresh cut grass. The neighbors, not ours. No, ours is looking a little tall these days. See this is the first time in 11 years of marriage we have actually had a yard to mow, so we don't actually own any tools for the task and we haven't really had time to research and purchase anything. I am so sorry neighbors (not that any of you read this), we will cut our grass soon, just not this week. They really don't seem bothered by it, but there have been two ask us if we need anything to let them know. Were they hinting at us needing help cutting the grass? No, I'm not paranoid or anything!

They all really do seem very pleased to have us in the neighborhood. If the grass wasn't enough, we just might have them questioning our move today. This is "Dump Your Junk" week for the trash company which basically in our opinion means put everything you can possibly think of that you don't want out at the curb as early as possible on Monday morning so that there is no possibility the trash company will forget to take it. Might I just say that our house is quite an eye-sore right now, but we have become the ever-so-popular turn our trash into treasure stopping spot. I'm all about going green (by the way, I just did the online tour of the HGTV Green Home and I WANT that house!), but I have never quite understood the picking up stuff out of people's yards thing. Apparently one of our neighbors can use the 1960s glass enclosure we took off the shower when we moved in. Who woulda thought? I sort of think that maybe his enclosure broke in the earthquake and he really did need it. That's my philosophy anyhow. This whole post would be soooooo much better with pictures by the way.

So despite the beautiful junk heap in our front yard, we had a lot of fun outside with the girls. Miss O is into wearing the older girls helmets around even when not riding a bike. I wonder if people drive by and feel sorry for us with the little girl who has to wear a helmet because of the rare disease she has. Then again, maybe they feel sorry for that little girl with the over-protective parents who make her wear a helmet anytime she is outside. Either way, it's cute and we're providing much needed entertainment around here. (Let's give 'em something to talk about. Sorry, that was playing in my head. Good thing you can't actually hear my singing because that would have been tragic!)

After emptying the entire contents of our garage out to the front curb, we moved some furniture that we had been given for the girl's room in finally. I am not quite sure why I thought that much furniture would fit into a 10 x 9 room, but I was determined to make it work. I still haven't figured it out. Furniture rearranging isn't exactly the best job for the spatially-challenged to take on. The wall ALWAYS looks longer than the furniture until I have already moved the furniture to find out otherwise. Tomorrow is a new day.

Well, we've had a full day of garage cleaning, yard piling, and furniture rearranging, and not much else bloggable. Watching the Cards game with the husband and then calling it an evening, well maybe a little reading. My anxious heart needs a little calming.


hjenkins said...

I was actually just looking for a 1960s shower enclosure, darn. Bake some cookies, open the window, and lure your unsuspecting neighbors over to mow your grass. I'm sure the older gentlemen will mow grass for cookies.

Hope said...

Baking cookies actually requires some ingredients. Remember the empty pantry? Still empty! I am however picturing a rather comical video out of that scenario. Thanks for the morning chuckle!