Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let the Blogging Begin

Okay, this is the first attempt at blogging for me. My world has been turned upside down and I have realized that once the nausea wears off, there is a lot of blogging material happening here. So, I figure instead of calling my sister a million times a day to let it out, why not put it here and give her ear a little rest and relaxation. That and I've been planning to journal for my children for oh, almost five years now and have yet to do it.

So, here we go, blogging, my new hobby, release, and excuse to not write in the journals I bought for the girls. Let me just introduce you to my providers of material.

First of all there is the husband. He's the inspiration for a lot of things creative in my life. He is a filmmaker after all, so creativity abounds in his life, and he seems to think that since I married him I should abound in creativity as well.

Then, there are the girls. There are actually four girls in my life who inspire me.

My firstborn perhaps inspires me the most. We just celebrated what would have been her sixth birthday last week. Celebrated? Yes, she survived only a few short hours after her birth, but those were the most inspirational two hours of my life. God taught me a lot through her life and how can I not celebrate that? She will forever inspire me to love God, love my husband, love my children, and just plain love.

Girl number two is Miss A. Born just 13 months later and about to turn 5 next month, she is the sweetest, most intelligent, beautiful, and hilarious four year old ever. We have countless minutes of snuggle time every day. (She swears she will still do this when she is a teenager by the way, and I'm not about to argue.)

Number three, Miss C. She is 15 months younger than Miss A, though never going to admit it. She is the, shall we say, Spirited one. We're told she could be a model she is so pretty. I think she knows it too. Yep, I am sure she will provide the most material. She is a darling thing one minute and a force to be reckoned with the next. We love her so.

That brings us to number four, Miss O. One year old still, though not for long. Oh my word, she is adorable. Plenty of material here too.

My biggest inspiration is Jesus. I want to share my successes and failures in this journey called life because He is what it is all about, and I need to be reminded of that quite frequently, especially the days when conversations with Him are the only ones I have with someone older than 4.

There you have it, my reason for blogging. From here on out, the blogs will be much more entertaining, at least from my perspective, which may be a little askew based on the amount of pink I'm surrounded by.

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hjenkins said...

Yay! The long awaited blog has arrived. Just in time for the cell bill changes. ha! I will take this opportunity to introduce myself as your blog stalker, #1 comment leaver, and fellow blogging sister. Can't wait to read more... keep 'em coming! :) Until then, I'll be refreshing this page every five minutes.
Love you,