Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday TV

Okay, so the husband and I didn't really watch TV that long, but thanks to the commercials and remote control we caught several shows. Here's the lowdown....

1. Where have all the losers gone? I miss The Biggest Loser already. I know the finale was only last week, but the inspirational TV is gone for the summer.

2. Idol was less than impressive. My three favorites are not exactly the Broadway-type, so I was just bored.

3. Because of the boring Idol, we also caught some Dancing with the Stars. I don't like it because they don't wear many clothes, but we caught the kids that were dancing and they were so cute and good! I'm still amazed that Marlee was able to do that too!

4. Hell's Kitchen. All I have to say is who would seriously submit themselves to that and that guy has some issues! I will not be tuning in for that ever again. I'll stick to Rachel and Paula for the culinary entertainment!

That's it, a little Idol this evening and my TV watching is done for the week. Except for cooking shows that is, because the girls are loving watching cooking shows and I CANNOT WAIT for them to take over the cooking!

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