Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Miss A had one birthday request this year (Well, of places to go anyway. She had plenty of things she wanted to receive!) Her request was to go to a Cardinals game. Well, since the Cards weren't in town (and we had already sold our season tickets for the Cubs game on Saturday), that was not going to happen. So, what did we convince her she absolutely wanted to do more than a Cardinals game? That's right, go to the St. Louis Zoo. Here's a few pics from the trip, still from the BlackBerry, so not the best images, but they'll do. We invited the cousins along, so Mr. N and Mr. I are in the pics too. Thanks for coming boys!

Could there possibly be an animal any more, shall we say, stubborn than Miss O? Apparently so. The girls tried so hard to get him to smile. Meet Mr. Grumpy.....

And just so y'all can see what I'm talking about. Folks, meet Miss Grumpy. See any resemblance to the prior subject?

This is supposed to be of the giraffe, but you can barely see him. Come on people, I'm using a camera phone for crying out loud!

Now, you will begin to notice the lack of Miss C in the rest of the pictures. That's because she threw a HUGE FIT (everyone is staring at me but I'm going to pretend they aren't and wrestle my child to wash her hands while she is kicking and screaming in the bathroom kind of fit) and as a result had to miss the rest of the day at the zoo by sitting in the van with Daddy. Sometimes follow-through parenting sucks more for the parent, okay most of the time! Anywho, the main animal Miss C wanted to see? Yep, the baby elephant. Here's proof the rest of us got to see them and they were having a pretty poopy day too! At one point, the baby tried to eat the aforementioned substance and all the kids (except, Miss C because well remember she was in the van) were grossing out. Not me though, because Miss O has been doing this alot lately and I have become rather accustomed to it. Little did I know she was simply preparing me for a trip to the zoo.
Just a little pic for size reference, just in case you don't know how big elephants really are.

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Heather said...

yay! more pics - and can I just say that the picture of O. looks like one of those old people on the front of greeting cards? You know, the ones without any teeth? Too funny! See you Saturday-