Friday, May 2, 2008

Food Network Stars in the Making

Maybe we've been watching a little too much Food Network lately. The girls pretend cooking shows this morning went something like this.

Miss A's 30-Minute-Meals
1. "Turn the heat to low."
2. "Put the baking powder in."
3. "Add a little EVOO."
4. "Put the lid back on."
5. "Add a little salt and pepper."
6. "Throw a pinch over the shoulder."
7. "Over here I'm making chicken strips."
8. "Put a little pinch of salt and roll in EVOO."
9. "Put in oven for 6 minutes."
10. "Now over here I'm going to make some dessert."
11. "Put the strawberries in the pie pan."
12. "Put some oatmal on top."
13. "Take the chicken strips out of the oven and let them cool off."
14. "Put the pie cake in there and leave it for 7 minutes."
15. "Pull off the stuff from the mussels and put them in the pot and boil and shake the pot."
16. "Leave it there for 9 minutes. "
17. "Get ready for our oatmeal drinks. Get honey bear and oatmeal out of pantry."
18. "Out of the freezer get some vegetables. Take the top out and put in the bowl."
19. "Put in microwave for 6 minutes."
20. "Put oatmeal in there, shake, put in refrigerator."
21. "I think our mussels are done. Yes, ready to put on the dish."
22. "The pie is ready, I'm going to let it cool off."
23. "Now I'm going to put the chicken strips on a bowl."
24. "See, all this food in under 30 minutes. Yumm-o".

Home Cooking with Miss C.
1. "Get your hole bowl (for those of you who are not in my living room, that would be the collander), stir the sprinkles up."
2. "Put some honey in and stir the honey up."
3. "Add two sticks of butter y'all, lots of butter in."
4. "Put some more honey and sprinkles in and stir it up."
5. "It's a long recipe. Paula has lots of food to make."
6. "Stir the stuff that I made. I put water in there. Now a little more honey."
7. "Grab some strawberries out of the pantry and stir that up."
8. "Out of the refrigerator I'm gonna get some oatmeal and green beans out of the freezer."
9. "Over here I'm gonna get some oranges."
10. "Turn on the sink, get more water in there. I have to do lots of water in my recipe because it's lots of stuff."
11. "Put on the icing on my cake. Spread it on the top. Spread it on the whole bottom."
12. "Y'all I'm gonna have to try a bite."
13. "Mmmmmm, that's what Paula Deen does."

COMMERCIAL BREAK TO CHANGE A DIAPER. (Yes, I said diaper. Apparently she was only a prodigy for a day. Well, she told me she needed to go, we were just in the middle of taping an episode! We couldn't take it anymore because that did not smell like oatmeal drinks, mussels, or anything else we were "cooking" y'all.)

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