Friday, May 9, 2008

In Pursuit of Locke

Oooooh, the episodes just keep getting better! For those loyal readers (all five of you) who don't watch LOST, I apologize that you won't understand this post. And just so you know you are missing the best TV show ever!

The husband had to work late last night, so I watched this by myself. Now you all know that I am the biggest scaredy cat out there, so it was SO NOT A GOOD IDEA for me to watch this before he got home. I should have known when I had to pause it every few minutes to make sure the noise I was hearing was actually on the TV and not in the house.

I don't really have a cohesive thought pattern today, which could be from staying up until 1:00 waiting for the husband to get home so he could summon up the black smoke to protect us if need be. (Not really, the only summoning we do around here is from the heavenly realms.)

So, here' s a few things that excited me or got me thinking last night...

1. Locke has been pursued his entire life. Wonder if he could have gotten to the island earlier and spared himself the miserable life he lived? Not that I'm one for living life with the what ifs, but what if?

2. The Others and Charles Whidmore have been "fighting" over the island for how long? At least all of Locke's life, maybe more? And how much of this is related to time travel? Obviously the never-aging man has been pursuing Locke since birth.

3. Even though he has been rendered useless, I still find that Ben totally creeps me out. I completely expect him to end up being a "good guy" or be playing all of the Oceanic people in this plot.

4. I just love Sayid. Nothing more to say. I just do. His hair blowing in the wind as he floated off to save them. (Oceanic six because only six will fit in his boat?)

5. Where was Sawyer last night? I'm missing him and his nicknames. His sarcasm is the comedic relief that helps me make it through the creepy stuff.

6. I totally expected Claire to be in the cabin with Christian. In fact, when they first showed the chair and silhouette, I thought it looked like a woman and was Claire. Maybe I was just seeing something that wasn't there since I expected her to be there. Didn't she look weird though? The way she talked and looked was just weird. I think she is dead, but I don't know?

7. Hurley is much less of a weenie than me, I would have been in the fetal position crying outside of the cabin if I had to wait around with creepy Ben.

8. I'm getting that Whidmore completely planned the plane crash and orchestrated getting all the people on the plane that needed to be there (Claire and Aaron, Christian (albeit dead), Locke, Walt, etc.), but why is Desmond there? Was that Charles' plan also? Was he just trying to get Desmond away from his daughter or does Desmond have a bigger role in the overall plan? I was so excited to see him stay on the freighter.

9. Poor Michael. The man just wants his son back.

10. Oh my stinkin' heck did you see the previews for next week? My heart jumped when they showed the plane opening. (Yeah, I know, we've already seen who gets off the island, but still!) Though, per usual TV previews, that will probably be the last scene in the season finale. Regardless, I'm sure the next three Thursdays will be fantabulous! It's a good thing because I am totally done with Idol and since the Losers are over, LOST is the only TV I've got.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Love love love love this show.

Crystal said...

Totally agree with #7!! I love this show. Can't live without it. I go back and watch old seasons on DVD over the summer. You'd be amazed at how much you've forgotten already.

All of the theories thrown around at Rocks in My Dryer's link are very interesting.

P.S. We are blog template twins.

Amy said...

I love Sayid, too. :) I assume Sawyer is still running around calling out for Claire. ;)