Friday, May 2, 2008

Sawyer Has Met His Match

Can I just say my favorite line from Lost last night involved Miles backtalking Sawyer about the restraining order. I laughed my head off. Well, not literally of course, but it was pretty stinkin' funny. I don't have much to say about the episode other than it was probably my favorite ever. All the characters I actually care about were in it and I'm finding myself more interested in the flash forwards than the current island status.

I couldn't help but chuckle when Aaron was found sitting on that little leaf/tree thing. It looked like he could have been at any mall in the USA at the kid's photo place with the cheesy props (you know which one I'm talking about.)

Back to Lost, I am not one for creepy stuff, especially after my bedtime. Because Lost is now officially on AFTER my bedtime. I had to have a Coke for breakfast to make up for it this morning. Ooops, that wasn't supposed to be told to anyone. Anyhoo, back to the creepiness. I was totally creeped out by Miles hearing and digging up the bodies (well, faces anyway). I was even creeped out by the whole smoke detector scene. Seriously, I'm not very good with suspense if this creeped me out.

I loved the conversation between Hurley and Jack. A lot of great religious conversation could be sparked from that scene.

The real reason I liked last night's episode is that I like following the romantic drama. (For a show that the husband watches fanatically, the romance is a lot better than Star Wars. Sorry, George, your romance is just comical.) Just one problem, I don't like Jack and Kate together. We'll see what happens there. Most interesting line, "He's not even related to you!" Hmmmm, what all does Jack know?

If this all turns out to be in Hurley's head or a bad afterlife thing like Hurley thinks, then I will be sorely disappointed. You gotta give me something better than that for all the trauma I have been put through!


oh amanda said...

I'm w/you, I don't like Jack/Kate. And I DO think he knows he's related to Aaron. Something big is going to happen w/Claire this season. (I hope!)

Tracey said...

I keep watching, even though I'm thoroughly confused. You watch, and watch and hope you'll get answers, but instead? More questions.


Heather said...

Nothing from this post makes sense,as I am the only one on the planet not watching LOST, but just wanted to say, come on, a trip to the zoo and nothing to blog about? No hippo pooping in the water, no tiger escaping from it's pen? :)