Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome Back Everyone, Food Network Part 2

Semi-Homemade with Miss A.

1. "I'm going to make the party table and then we're going to pick up some seashells at the beach."
2. " I'm going to go to the store and pick up some vegetables and some soup."
3. "Over here I'm going to pick out some strawberries and apples and oatmeal."
4. "Now I'm going to get all the stuff I bought at the store out of the freezer."
5. "Now I'm going to get my nephew and he is going to tell us how he cooks his."
6. "Gonna get some chocolate out of the freezer. Okay, now my nephew is done."
7. "Let it cool off for a minute. Grab a sharp knife. Cut it off. Drop it right in there."
8. "Stir it up. Hurry back. Drop it right in there. Put the seashells on the party table."
9. "Let this be in the oven for 8 minutes."
10. "Grap 1/2 cup of water. Stir that all up. Now this ready. Doesn't that look good?"
11. "Put the crunchy oatmeal in the pan. Crunch it all up. Roll it out."
12. "Grab namecards, rainboots, and umbrellas and make them beautiful on the table."
13. "Oh I smell those vegetables getting cooked."
14. "The kids are here just in time!"
15. "Come in, let's eat!"
16. "I made some soup on a rainy day."
17. "Our drinks are iced and cooled off."
18. "Now our good pie dessert crunchy vanilla. Oh those look good don't they. Delicious!"
19. "Put on your rain boots, let's go play!"

Barefoot Miss C.
1. "My friends are coming over for a picnic today."
2. "That's the door. Miss A is helping with the grill."
3. "No, I don't want to be Barefoot Contessa, I want to be her friend and Miss A wants to be her friend." (Changing roles)

I won't torture y'all any longer. This cooking could go on all day. Well, at least until we go to the video store to pick out a movie for Friday night movie night. Enjoy the delicious food we made for you! :)

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Matthew said...

It makes me hungry!!! Nothing like homecooking from your precious nieces. Sorry about your wee prodigy. A prodigy for a day is better than not at all.