Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yo Hoe Hoe, A Gardening We Will Go!

Yes, I cannot keep a container of marigolds alive, but I am trying to garden. The girls had two requirements for a new house. It had to be pink and it had to have a garden. I will proudly say that the house is NOT PINK, but alas it does have a garden. Well, a very overgrown needs serious help garden. (My sister will testify to this as she has recently seen it.)

There is a very long section of prior garden beds that are seriously overgrown all the way down the back of the house. There are some Irises that are trying to take over the yard, I'm going to have to figure out how to stop them. They're pretty and all, but somebody stop them!

Oh and speaking of stopping, there are these huge bushes taking over the middle of the backyard. My brother-in-law figured out what they were for me. Now we just have to control them or get rid of them. Here, a look at our backyard, for your viewing pleasure...

I'm all about putting a little sweat into your yard and enjoying the fruits of your labor, but I NEED A REAL GARDENER, a serious bona fide landscaper who knows what they are doing and can turn an overgrown yard like this into a usable and fun backyard. Know anyone who does that for free? I didn't think so. Sigh. Sigh again. One more time, sigh. Okay, now want to know more? More you say? Oh, we're just beginning.

There are planters all along one side of the house which pretty much look like the ones in the backyard. Full of weeds and gravel, a true sight to behold if I do say so myself! Would LOVE some beautiful flowers here! Anyone? Anyone? Crikey, I guess I'll be doing that too. And just in case you thought that was all that needed done....

there is the front yard. Another sight to behold! There is a long stretch in front of the porch which looks really hideous when you pull in the driveway and something must be done! There are rose bushes planted there, but they have grown only one, oops, make that two buds so far. I'm thinking of raising this up to cover the hideous brick and then planting some perennials. Any ideas? I don't want anything too expensive or too permanent because we want to eventually add on an actual front porch.

The girls got a head start in pulling out the rocks for us this past weekend, but then I got distracted talking to the neighbors and the rocks ended up in the yard and now they all need removed from the yard before we can mow. (The husband was thrilled!) Here's the girls working on removing the rocks. Well two of them, the other just wanted to eat the rocks, so she was banished from the rock garden.

Here's the plan.....

Supposed to have beautiful weather through Monday. So, we got supplies last night. Planning on getting our vegetable garden going tonight and tomorrow and then tackling the flower beds Sunday and Monday. I know, majorly ambitious, we'll see what happens. Feel free to leave me some pointers. Did I mention that I have NO CLUE what I am doing? Well, other than the millions of questions the brother-in-law answered for me! Thanks Jon!

And just so you know, don't count on a new post until I have after pictures of the garden for you! I know you will just be in complete withdrawal until the gardening is done, but alas, I will return!

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Meghan said...

Good luck on that gardening thing. I would offer advice, but I am rather clueless myself. We too have a backyard in desperate need of something....anything! I can't wait to see the after pictures.:)