Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back in Business

WoooHoooo! The new laptop power cord is here and I've got my computer back! I've been trying to blog on the husband's editor. It hasn't been working too well.

For one thing, me going to the basement during nap time tends to result in 2 unidentified children playing instead of napping. Then there is always the irrational fear that I will spill my mommy juice on the thing and end up ruining the most expensive single item of anything (including furniture and appliances) in our entire house, because clearly I have to drink something while blogging.

For another thing, the husband still has a wedding video to edit and get to the client in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, which means that his need for the computer wins out over my need for the computer. Really need is a subjective term isn't it? I guess since he is making money, he actually needs the computer. Me blogging, not really a need, just an addiction. Though if someone wanted to pay me to blog, I would totally LOVE it!

Speaking of blogging, I'm reading some blogging books. I know I totally could get all this information free on the Internet, but there is something about just taking a book outside and reading it by the pool while the girls play. The husband wasn't too keen on taking the laptop out there for the same purpose.

Which, after one day of reading outside, I realize is a pretty good call. Because apparently 10 feet away from the pool is not far enough to keep from getting wet and any further away and I would be freakishly running toward the pool to check on Miss O every time she goes under water. And really that sounds like I wouldn't get much reading done anyhow.

So, now that I am reading blogging books and have my computer up and running, expect to be shocked, awed, amazed, and dumbfounded by the ridiculous amount of information that will be shared here in the near future! And all while the husband gets to finish the wedding video and the children get to stay in nap time! Fantastic!

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Meghan said...

I now know who I can turn to when I have a question about blogging of which I many....who knew that I would be interested in computer code etc.....? I'm pretty sure Todd wishes he had never suggested we start a blog! But I will say that he is tries very hard to be patient when I'm bombarding him with questions...:)