Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meet My Girls

Have I told you that I have the best sister in the world? That seems to be a recurring theme around here. I wish I had some kind of talent to repay her for all she has done for me lately (i.e. blog banners, babysitting for an ENTIRE WEEK, and now photography). Go here and look at some of the gorgeous pics she took of my girls. While you're there, look at her other stuff, and leave some comments.

She pretty much got the looks, brains, and talents of the bunch; so there's not really any talent I have that she doesn't. So, what I'm pretty much saying is go leave her a ton of comments about how great her pictures are because that's what I'm offering today; a little pat on the back in the form of comments on her blog. Because, well, for being the best sister ever, she deserves it! Thanks Heather!


Heather said...

What a way to start the day. I think there may be a little tear in my eye. What nice things to say. Just to clarify though, I did not get all the talent,looks, brains missy - you've got plenty of your own. And I mean, who can clean a van like you? That takes some skills. Thanks again for the post - love you too!

Melissa Mullinax said...

I saw the pictures, and your girls are totally beautiful. :)