Friday, June 27, 2008

The Packing Life

So, we're going on a little trip. This is the trip where the girls are going to Aunt H's for a little spoiling, remember? I'll tell you where I'm going tomorrow. For now, just wanted to let you see how our packing went today.

We started with laundry. Because, well, I prefer to pack clothes that are clean. So, in my very-planned-ahead-always-prepared way, we went to Wal-Mart earlier in the week and I made sure to get detergent and softener so that we would have enough for the bazillion loads we needed to do.

Enter Exhibit A.

So, I put a cap from this bottle, a cap from that bottle. Do oh, about 3 loads. Then, I notice this....

Exhibit B. Closeup of bottle #1.

Exhibit C. Closeup of bottle #2

What is the difference you say? Precisely! There is no difference, other than size! Two bottles of fabric softener! UGH! I wondered why everything felt so fluffy coming out of the dryer! Like I said, it only took me three loads to figure out that there was no soap involved! Very fluffy, not-so-clean clothes and towels. Three loads. My little helpers didn't even notice.
And just so you can enjoy my laundry adventures with me, here are pics of the girls "helping" me fold laundry. This is a little something we like to call Laundry Jumping because obviously it is easier to fold towels while jumping on the bed. (No, this is not allowed in our house, just so you know.) Clearly they are very obedient and focused helpers. It would have been so much better for you to see the video, but this is all you get.

We're driving the girls half-way to meet my parents tomorrow who will take them the rest of the way to their destination for the week. They are still clueless about the surprise and totally giddy about the whole thing! I'll be back tomorrow night. Gotta go finish their packing, now that the laundry is actually clean and fluffy (after a little trip to the store this morning for bottle number 3).


Meghan said...

What good little helpers you have! We always fold laundry while jumping on the bed - it makes a mundane chore a lot more fun! Just kidding....although, Iris would totally love to. It's a no-no at our house too. Good luck with the packing and have a fun trip.

Heather said...

I thought the suitcase smelled of extra fresh clothes when we opened it :)