Thursday, June 12, 2008

Triathlon Anyone?

I always wanted to do a triathlon. At one point in my college years I actually thought I wanted to start training and complete the IronMan Triathlon before I turned 30. The husband and I trained for a little while (like a few months) in college.

When I realized how much I sucked at swimming it seemed a little less like something I would like. Then we got bikes and started biking. While I enjoy biking and would like to do more of it soon, I wiped out enough to know that I wasn't born with any great talent for biking either and it would take me much too much time to train and learn how to do this well.

Anyhow, I still like the running part which is a post in and of itself. Okay, so aside from the running, I ruled out the triathlon as something I planned to train for.

Why am I talking about this then you ask. Well, Miss A was playing outside the other day and it brought back memories of my IronMan dreams. I totally pictured myself looking like this. Well, minus the training wheels and the Dora the Explorer on my simmin' soup' (Miss C-ese for swimming suit). Oh, and I guess there would be a little badminton involved, which I love by the way.


Heather said...

Too cute! Totally an ironwoman if I ever saw one.

Meghan said...

How funny...Iris loves to bike in her bathing suit as well...maybe it's a girl thing - so cute! Have I mentioned how cute your girls are? Well, they are! As for the triathalon....I think the fact that you were even considering it shows how brave you are! Wow! And I was thinking....I don't think I've ever seen you NOT pregnant....isn't that crazy? I might not even recognize you the next time I see you! :)