Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Confession and Thought

The girls were bribed to do well at the salon yesterday. They got ice cream. There wasn't enough time for Miss A to eat it before VBS, so she had to wait until today (I put it in the freezer, just in case you were wondering). I almost let her eat it for breakfast. I would have if there had been ice cream for me to eat as well.

Her eating reminded of something from my childhood. We rarely went to Kmart, but when we did we always went straight to the concession area. Because my Mom, she has a thing for popcorn. The Sis and I, we never went for the popcorn, it was all about the ICEE. Do you remember how Kmart used to sell ICEEs and they had the little spraw/stroon thingie? You know, the red straw that had a built-in spoon on it. I thought they were the coolest things ever. It was the best part of the ICEE. Perfect brain-freeze tool if there ever was one. Do they still make those?

I think Miss A could have used one this morning. She was fascinated when I told her about it. It would have made her breakfast, I mean, snack easier to eat.

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Meghan said...

Oh, you ARE a nice mommy! And don't feel too bad about ice cream for breakfast. I've fed Iris many things for breakfast that have probably not met many nutritional requirements. Sometimes it's fun to break away from the norm. It makes for better parent/child relations, I think.