Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Schedule, It Does Elude Me

I am in some serious travel funk! I feel like Humpty Dumpty. I can't put myself back together again! We are a very structured family around here, normally, that is. We got back on Friday people, we still have no schedule. My children ate dinner at 9:30 last night. Seriously, my mother-in-law would be proud! (I love you, I'm just teasing you!) Miss A is 5-years-old and she has never eaten dinner that late! It was all for a very good reason, but still.

I don't function well without schedule, which is why this post is completely a bunch of rambling from my fried brain. I think my flux capacitor is malfunctioning. If I could just get back to the future, then I know that I would be on schedule again!

I've shared way too much information in this short post. Give me the evening to recover. I'll be back tomorrow, (see back to the future)with a good flux capacitor and my ramblings will make sense again, that is if they ever really made sense to begin with.


Meghan said...

I don't function well without a schedule either, so I feel your pain!

Chandra said...

I am also very proud of you. If it makes you feel any better my boys have been a little of schedule this summer also. Can't wait for school to start. Also, can't wait that long to get back on schedule.

Carolyn (the mother-in-law) said...

OK, I WAS a "little" proud about the 9:30 hour:)Ha! I love you too! And....I'm glad that some of YOUR organization has rubbed off on me....even if it's not easily noticeable!