Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soapbox Rant

This article irked me today. It is out of USAWeekend, a little flier in the Sunday paper basically. I found it while clipping coupons this morning. It's titled "Facebook 101". It is a very short little article talking about how you can connect with your children by using Facebook.

Let me preface this by saying that I much prefer Facebook over MySpace. Several years ago, my husband was using MySpace and wanted me to start a page, so I did. And I was appalled at the amount of inappropriate images and advertising that would appear when I would visit pages. It bothered the husband too, but he wanted a way to communicate with old friends, so he tried to ignore it.

I decided I could do without MySpace. I basically made my own page, and then never went back. Except to check the husband's page every once in a while. Then he started Facebooking instead. Hallelujah. Now he hardly, if ever, checks his MySpace page. I checked out Facebook and wasn't nearly as offended by its content. I haven't been convinced to spend time making my own page yet, maybe I'm a little jaded by MySpace still.

Anywho, I prefer Facebook over MySpace. Now, about the article. After explaining to parents how to sign up for an account, it says this, "...Your child may not rush to friend you, but you still can communicate via the Facebook version of e-mail or ask if she'd be willing to use "privacy settings" to limit your access to parts of her page. For example, perhaps you can see her online photo albums but not the notes friends post on her "wall" (an online bulletin board). Even if your kids won't grant you an all-access pass, you may be pleasantly surprised to find their pals "friending" you, offering new connections to your children's world." (Emphasis mine.)

Seriously, one question came to mind. Who is in control here? You better believe the only way my kids would be getting to use Facebook would be with me having an "all-access pass." You can bet your bottom-dollar on that. There you have it, my soapbox today.


Meghan said...

Wow, that's really disturbing! I totally agree: Who IS in control?? I'm not sure I would even let my kids HAVE a Facebook page. I'm not really of the mind that kids need to be on the internet in that way anyway. It's just so dangerous. Why even open that can of worms? Aren't we meant to be protecting our children? Am I being naive? I just think there is something seriously wrong with the parent/child relationship if the only way I can find out about what my child is doing/hanging out with is through their Facebook page - in limited form, of course because my child didn't grant me ALL ACCESS to her entire page. *sigh* I could go on forever, and I'm probably not even making myself clear so I'll just stop now.....yikes! I didn't mean to write a novel!

Emily said...

Amen Sister! I mean that both literally and figuratively. You seriously took the thoughts right out of my head.

Sarah said...

I'm with you and Meghan on this one. What are people letting their children get away with these days. Who is the parent and who is the child?!? First of all I would like to know that my child could talk to me about anything in person, and not on facebook, especially when we live under the same roof. If you know me at all I am a very open person, I share alot of things with people (sometimes way too much). I hope when my children are older that they can do the same thing in return. Do I expect them to tell me EVERYTHING - Yeah right, but at least I'm not hearing about it on Facebook! I can be their friends, but I will be their parent first!