Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stepping Up-Week 2

Good morning ladies!

We are going to have some fun with our discussion today. I know that many of you read last week's, but you didn't leave a comment. I think you will want to comment this week, so here is a little lesson on how to leave a comment. (I'm not insulting your tech skills, just giving a little guidance to those who need it and don't want to ask!) Remember how your school teacher always said, "The only stupid question is the one not asked!" Okay, maybe that was just my teacher.

Anyway, when you are finished reading this post, at the very bottom there is a pink line that says "Posted by Hope" then "o comments". Click on the "0 comments". There will be a new page pop up that says "Leave your comment" and has a box there. Type whatever you want to say in the box. If you don't have a google account, then just select Name/URL and type your name in the "Name" box. If you don't want us to know who you are just select "anonymous". Then, click "Publish your comment." It will say, your comment is awaiting moderation or something like that. That just means that it is waiting for me to do something on my end. Your comment will show up as soon as I can get to my computer!

Now, onto the real discussion. Beth's video lesson was a lot about Hidden Hypocrisy. My husband and I learned a lot about this topic when we were going through our first pregnancy and the resulting death of our daughter. We tried extra hard to be the "ever faithful couple", the "great example", the "strong ones", because we felt like that was what was required of us as Christians. As a result, we were worn out, exhausted, and no one knew how to help us through it all.

When we finally started being "transparent" with people and telling them how we felt and how much we were hurting, people were able to help. More than that, God was able to use us to share His story!

Our testimonies are so much more effective when we are transparent with people. Now, I'm not saying we bear our souls to everyone we encounter. We still want to glorify God in all that we do. But, it is absolutely okay to share our hurts and let people know how much we need God and other Christian friends during those times. God has given us each other to share life's journey not just walk along parallel to each other and never cross paths. Let's cross paths. Let's step out in faith and share with one another and see how God uses it.

I loved Beth's statement, "He [God] knows when something glorious in the future necessitates something difficult in the present. Because He knows the glory will be worth it, God will risk being misunderstood. Yes, God wants us to have joyful, satisfying lives, but He also wants us to have crowns to cast. Rewards to receive. Character to develop. Compassion to give. TESTIMONIES to tell. In the midst of those painful processes, God makes bold promises."

A few pages earlier Beth also said, "The scenarios that we pay to see at the movies will ultimately pale in comparison to what Christian pilgrims have endured on our journeys to Mount Zion...From heaven's vantage point, your story is exceedingly more exciting than you can conceive--replete with dangers, near misses, and great escapes."

So, consider the people who have been transparent in your life, the testimonies you have heard, the stories you have read in the Bible. If you could see one of those testimonies made into a motion picture, which one would it be? And, just for fun, what is your all-time favorite movie and why? Tell us about it in the comments!


Hope said...

I would LOVE to see the story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, and Isaac on the BIG SCREEN. I mean, I'm sure it has been done in countless Daytime Soap Operas with a few modern changes, but I want to see the God-glorifying version with the ram in the thicket and El Roi seeing Hagar in the desert. Oh, the drama of it all. I think that would just be a stellar movie! Did I really just use the word stellar? Lord, have mercy I've been typing way too long when I bust out a word like that.

My favorite movie of all-time, "The Shawshank Redemption." Not one I recommend as far as it is definitely R-rated and very well-deserved at that. It's a prison drama, so there's lots of nasty stuff in it. I cringe my way through several scenes every time, but the overall story is one of redemption and I love the kind of story where the good guy wins! Oh, and it reminds me of a certain redemption that is coming my way at the end of this life!

Nancy said...

I'm not coming up with any ideas for a Bible story that hasn't already been produced for the big screen or made with veggies as the stars! But, I agree with you about your suggestion. It would be fascinating!

I also really like your vote for favorite movie of all-time. I will add another R-rated movie that has many cringe-provoking scenes, but a great storyline...that is "Forrest Gump". I love the theme that a simple man can and does live a life full of successes that the world deems as being insignificant, but in the end, brings true happiness. For me, it's a good reminder to "not sweat the small stuff" in life and to instead, enjoy the wonder in the "small stuff".

Hope said...

Forrest Gump was one of those pleasant surprise movies for me (minus the questionable scenes you mentioned of course). I loved how it linked history together, made me think about how God links history together in a much more elaborate way! I like your analogy of the "not sweating the small stuff too". Of course, you mean small stuff, as in finding a good shrimp recipe right? Heehee. I still find myself saying, "Run, Forrest, Run" when my children play tag, even though none of them are named Forrest.

dianna b said...

I think a movie about God creating the heavens & the earth & Adam & Eve would be absolutely STUNNING! And STELLAR too! :-) Just imagining the visual effects would blow me away! I also would love to see the whole life story of David...a man after God's own heart even though he messed up big time! What a king! What a warrior! What a Psalmist! What a man after God’s own heart! And I too would love to see the story of Abraham/Sarah/Hagar/Ishmael/Isaac. This past year, at Easter time, a Christian TV station was showing several biblical movies all week long & THAT one was one of them! It was neat to see it since I was studying the EXACT same thing in a Precepts Bible Study!

As for my favorite movie of all time....well....I have so many favorite ones in so many different categories for all the different seasons of my life that I can't decide! I liked "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour & "The Love Letter" with Campbell Scott & Jennifer Jason Leigh....both are love stories where the guy goes back about a century in time, falls in love with the girl...and you may end up crying your eyes out! Also an old classic called "Enchanted Cottage" where, even though the man was scarred from the war & the gal was a homely gal, they fell in love & got married for they didn't see each other as other people saw them (as hideous & homely)...they only saw how beautiful they were in each other's eyes! I LOVED the "Sarah, Plain & Tall" movies! I also LOVED "Evan Almighty" & a "Night at the Museum"! They had a good message & a good ending & they were just plain fun! However, a movie that still sticks in my head, because I SO enjoyed watching it one weekend with my 10 yr. old grandson....over...& over...& over again...is "Surf's Up". About penguins who go surfing! It was such a cute & funny movie & it had a good story & a good ending about enjoying life & true friendship as being more important than just winning a competition. But the best part was sitting together with my grandson eating popcorn & laughing, as we watched the movie over & over & over....! See!!!! I have so many different favorites that I just can't pick one!

Oh gosh & I can't forget to mention how much I LOVED the Broadway musical "Joseph & the
Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". We've seen it at the Muni outdoor theater & have the soundtrack & video (where Donny Osmond plays Joseph) We had a "season" of watching that video over & over & over again with my nieces & nephews & grandkids. We have the CD & sing along to all the incredible songs for hours in the car when we've gone on trips with my nieces & nephews! The cool thing is that they are getting biblical info along with theater & they enjoy it!

Well, that’s it for only SOME of my all time favorite movies for now! I left bible study last night with great plans to GO TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT but instead stopped at Family Video & rented some more Ninja movies for my now 11 yr. old grandson who is visiting. We stayed up till 3 am watching the “3 Ninjas” movies!! I have never seen a ninja movie! I enjoyed them! Our time together – priceless! Someday he will look back & say, “Hey Grandma, remember when we stayed up till 3 am watching Ninja movies?!” And I will say “Yep! That was just the best time!”