Monday, July 28, 2008

A Very Short Surprise

My children act as if they have the most sensitive scalps ever. Seriously, they scream and cry and whine like they are in horrifying pain when I comb their hair. Thus, I have been threatening for quite some time that we would be going to get their hair cut, short. Short enough to eliminate the hour-long whine-fest while I attempt to remove the knotage. Our popular poem to say over and over and over again in many different voices in an attempt to entertain enough to prevent the whine-fest goes a little something like this... "Oh my little tots, you've got lots and lots of knots!" We are quite entertaining if we do say so ourselves.

Anywho, today was the day. I had been putting off the event because there aren't any "kid salons" in our new town. You know the ones where they sit in the cool cars and watch a movie of their choice and then get a balloon and a sucker when they leave. Yep, none for miles. The girls have only ever been to a kid salon. They had begun to associate hair cutting with all of the above and I was quite frightened as to what they would do in a salon without cool cars, movies, balloons, and suckers. I decided today to just go to the adult salon (the cheapest one in town because it doesn't really matter to me). I figure if the cut sucks really bad, it's hair, it will grow back. Some of you totally disagree in this philosophy. I have other things I want to spend my money on than expensive haircuts. We can just agree to disagree.

Back to today. I told the girls we were going for a surprise because I like to keep them in suspense. Remember, I am rather elusive. I asked them what they thought the surprise could be. Miss A says, "I was thinking maybe DisneyWorld. But we would have to go to the airport. How far is the airport?" If that were possible, I would have so been there! Now how do I make the salon sound fun in comparison to DisneyWorld?

Miss C thought the surprise was "Applebees?" There again, that would have been a nice surprise. Not quite as difficult to make haircuts sound better than Applebees, though that does sound rather scrumptious as we are now getting close to dinner time and I am on the computer and not in the kitchen. Hmmm, I think my stomach is now growling.
Anyway, I tell them, "we're going to go get haircuts!"

Insert squeals of delight here and a rather fast-paced conversation of two little girls whose mouths can't quite go as fast as their brains. They were excited! Both of them said they wanted their hair "very short." "It will just be sooooo cute." "Hee, heee, heee, this is going to be so much fun." "I can't believe we're going to get our hair cut!"
Miss A first. Her before picture got eaten by the BlackBerry monster, sorry. Here's her in the chair after about 6 or 7 inches getting cut off.
Miss C waiting for her turn. Consider this her pre-picture. Loooooooong curly hair.

Miss C's turn. See the pretty long curls? Beautiful, and about to be trashed. Don't cry, we've got a surprise coming.

I had asked that Miss C's hair not be quite as short as Miss A's because her hair is curly and I didn't want her to look like she had a really short cut with a bad perm. The stylist realized that if we cut her hair an inch shorter than I wanted, she would have enough to donate to Locks of Love. What's a bad perm short hairdo when you can donate to a little girl in need and not have all that beautiful hair be trashed? We went for it. Here's Miss C's response to the idea that another little girl was going to be wearing her hair...

The finished product, so cute.
I got my hair cut when they were done. They were entertaining everyone in the salon by jumping up and down to feel their hair bounce and looking in EVERY mirror in the place. Miss A is convinced that her teachers at VBS tonight won't recognize her and that is apparently just waaaay tooooo exciting for a 5-year-old to handle. She's beside herself, and really looking at the pictures below, that cliche is kind of true. They look even more alike with their very short hairdoos.


Heather said...

See it's a good thing we waited so you could experience the excitement, plus I don't know if I would have been that brave. A few observations if you will:
1. A. looks like my C! take a closer peek - I know her hair is longer, but they look even more alike now.
2. They do in fact look more like each other now.
3. Definitely look more grown up!
4. Noticed there is not a before and after of, um, say... YOU!? How much did you get cut off?

they look adorable - and how fun that C. could donate hers. Enjoy bath time tonight, should be much faster now!

Meghan said...

I was hoping for a before/after picture of you as well! And are you very sure you don't actually have twins (how often do you get THAT question)?? What beautiful, brave girls! And what lovely, lovely hair-dos!

I think those kiddie salons are waaay over-rated! Next time, Iris is going to the regular salon where the prices won't break our budget!

Hope said...

Heather and Meghan-
Yes, they do look a lot alike and we get the twins question all the time. Cracks me up since C is a foot shorter than A, I suppose they think she is the runt? About me, I only got a trimmin'. Nothing exciting to post about. It doesn't bounce like the girls' hair does, though there would be a lot more than just hair bouncing on me if I tried to make it bounce. That was way too much. information! :)

Chandra said...

Okay, so I start reading this posting and before long I begin to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I know that my lovely SIL would never dream of cutting off the beautiful curly locks of my precious niece Miss C. Oh but guess what that is exactly what she did. HAHA You better be happy that some of those curls stayed or the house down the street would no longer be on my list of places I would love to move. I also hope you enjoyed my voicemail message. I do love you.

I also would have loved a before and after photo of your do.

FYI mental image of you showing off your bouncy hair....shall I say......PRICELESS?!?!?!?