Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bowling with The Homies

Yes, this was the weekend we were supposed to go camping. However, Wednesday's forecast for the weekend showed it raining and thunderstorming ALL weekend. We all decided that didn't sound like a fun camping experience so we could just hang out at Grandma and Granddad's house for the weekend instead. Blue skies and not a drop of rain ALL weekend. Don't trust the weather-people. Just don't.

Fun was still had by all, just not of the camping variety. Grandma offered to watch all the grandkids so us couples could go on a triple date. (That is no small feat with this crew, so thanks a million Grandma and Grandad!) Of course we took her up on that offer! What rousing activity did we come up with for our triple date? Well dinner. Because who doesn't go to dinner when given the opportunity to go without children? Then, some bowling. That's right, bowling.

Us ladies hadn't brought socks along, so we made an impromptu stop at the Walgreen's for socks. I learned that Aunt C likes the socks that don't show past the ankles. Apparently she has skinny ankles. Aunt A and I prefer the other ankle ones that go a little higher. Anywho, we bought a three-pack of the other ankle ones and split it. I believe Aunt C will be displaying her autographed socks (by Aunt A, not me, I wasn't signing her stinky socks) somewhere because they aren't the kind she likes to wear.

Well, while us ladies were discussing the finer art of sock-buying, the men wrestled up some lanes for us (had to make it sound like a manly task, like they went all out for us ladies, really the place was pretty empty.) Anyway, can't beat some $1.00 games!

I hadn't been bowling in at least 6 years, probably more. I was aiming for 100. Did better than 100 first game. Second game, not so much. It's more about the company and the ambiance than the game for me any way. I mean who doesn't enjoy a stale smoke smell, stylish slippery shoes, and an always unsuccessful search for the perfect ball.

The ball search thing is quite interesting. I always go for the lightest one, which means that my fingers don't fit in the holes. Light=kids=small finger holes. Clearly, I know a lot about bowling and take great care in choosing the right equipment. A few of us (not giving names) actually own our own balls and shoes. Not kidding. They didn't bring them though. That would have added some great bloggable fun though I'm sure.

Here's the best bowler of the bunch, Uncle M, though I'm sure he would have been even better had he brought along his own ball and shoes, as would have Aunt C. ;)

See the X for strike? Yep, not mine. This one belongs to Aunt A. I didn't get a picture of Aunt C's. There was more than one, but I'm referring to the one where she might have actually broke out into The Running Man or was that The Roger Rabbit, I'm not quite certain.

I lost the picture of Aunt A "shooting a commercial" with her hair blowing in the air-thingy. Priceless. Thanks for a great night out homies!


MamaHenClucks said...

What a fun get together! I wish I could spend more time with my sisters, dining and bowling and stuff. Sisters are the best. It's like having built in best friends. Aren't we lucky people?

Hope said...

And you have such sweet sisters! Sisters are definitely a blessing, though I wouldn't have said that during our high school years! (Love you Heather, you know what I'm talking about!)

I'm praying my daughters will have built in best friends and enjoy life together as well!

Chandra said...

Oh you will all have to stay tuned to my bowling post. I might have to put a certain picture up now and also display my beautiful not no-show (ugh, I just used double negatives) socks. I had a blast, definately a bloggable night.