Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Organization Overload-Chore Chart-Part One

I have been trying to teach my girls from an early age to make their beds every morning. Miss A could do it by herself when she had a toddler bed, but then when we moved her into a twin bed it was more difficult for her to reach. It has just been over the last few months that she has been able to do it by herself. I would praise her about how good she was doing and that I couldn't believe she was big enough to make her own bed and tell her she must be one super girl to be able to do that. Yes, I talked it up incredibly. You would have thought she had just pulled off a Mary Lou 10 on the vault!

Anyway, I told her yesterday to go make her bed. She tells me she can't do it by herself. I tell her she can and she better go do it. She responds, "No Mom, I can't, I think I've lost my talent."
I laughed hysterically and then still made her make her bed herself. Apparently she hasn't "lost her talent" after all. In fact, her "talent" is growing because she also took a bath by herself yesterday too, did all the washing of her hair and body by herself, got herself out and put her towel on, dried herself off, got dressed, and combed her hair!

She was so proud that she ran out to her daddy and said, "I just did my bath all by myself. I don't even need Mommy anymore!"

As a result of that little proclamation, my goal in our chores over the next year is to prove to her that she does still need me! Okay, so it's not really my goal, but I think it'll be clear that I haven't taught her all the talents she needs to have just yet. I do still have a few more things to teach her before she gets married. Although, she has been asking how old she has to be to get married. Definitely 30. :)

Last year we bought some chore charts like this. They were good, but it required me to rewrite the chart every week. Most weeks it would be Tuesday and the girls would be reminding me that they still needed a new chore chart for the week! Needless to say, it didn't work well for us, so I began the Great Chore Chart Search of 2008. It led me to all kinds of great products like this, this, this, and this. Problem was that for the amount of money to spend for two kids (Miss O not included yet!), I wanted it to be EXACTLY what I wanted. And none of them were.

I brainstormed with my sister for awhile and she sent me some links to some other great products like this and this. The more I looked at the chore card ideas, the more I liked them. I still couldn't find EXACTLY what I wanted, so I decided to make it myself. Are you ready for this. My redneck chore chart if there ever was one. And the pictures with the BlackBerry flash add to the redneckness of it all. Just so ya know.

I found clipart for all the chores I want the girls to do (since Miss C doesn't read yet) and developed my own system. And believe me, it is a system. I'll try to post in parts, so as not to totally confuse you. Part one: These charts are on the back of the girls door in their room. They have one row with a sun for their morning routine and one row with a moon for their bedtime routine. I laminated them so that they can use a dry-erase marker and "X" through each item after they do it. Then, before they go to bed, they can erase it all and it is ready for the next day. Pure genius! Here are the pics, crummy as they may be.

Attempted close up. The left side has "This is the day the LORD has made,..." and the sun and moon to indicate morning versus evening chores.

This pic is really pathetic, sorry. The zoom is gone on my BlackBerry, all I can do is hold the phone closer or farther away. Redneck BlackBerry or redneck operator? You decide. Anyway, close up of the blue row, which represents morning chores of Make Bed, Get Dressed, Put Clothes in Hamper, Brush Hair, Brush Teeth.

Okay the flash got me on this one! Close up of nighttime routine. Clean up toys, Put on Pajamas, Brush Teeth, Go Potty.

That's step one, the daily process. Step two will be how we track weekly and give "rewards" and "punishments." See you tomorrow for Step two of the Organization Overload Chore Chart! I promise it is much more fantastic than step one, don't miss it!


Heather said...

First of all, Mary Lou.. I am having gymnastic recital flashbacks with our Mary Lou American flag leotards. Priceless.

Love the chore charts - did you get a printer? You did a great job - I am impressed! Just a quick tip in case you didn't know- if the dry erase doesn't erase that well (especially over time) you can use fingernail polish remover and it takes it off in a flash. I realize you don't probably want the girls using fingernail polish remover, but you could give it a good cleaning if needed. Just a former teacher tip.:)

Hope said...

Oh yes, the leotards. Fantastic!

Thanks for the tip. I'll take any former teacher tips you want to give. Although, with children, I don't think you'll ever actually be a former teacher. :)