Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Organization Overload-Chore Chart-Part Two

I'm going to admit something here that I would never have thought I would do in a million years.

I bought a hot glue gun. And I used it. Lots. And it was kind of fun. I only burned myself 30 times.

Seriously, this project took me back to the college days of making bulletin boards for the campus preschool for my work study job. I haven't been crafty since then. I don't really do crafty. I do practical. Since this crafty job is going to get my children to do practical jobs, I decided it was worth breaking out the craftiness that I have kept hidden deep inside. For such a time as this. For such a time as this.

Okay, yesterday I showed you part one of the chore chart. That is the part they will do daily. They will do the chore, i.e. make their bed, and then place an "X" through it on the chart in their bedroom (with dry-erase marker). Then, this is where part two comes in.

Our chore chart is like a flower garden. Once they have done all the chores for the morning, they will get to place a flower in their garden. Same goes for their evening chores. Each day they have a chance to earn two flowers. With me so far?

Here's the chart at the beginning of the week, with all flowers in their Days of the Week Pots waiting to be moved to the Girl's Garden Pots.

We are not doing chores on Sunday (you know, a day of rest!). So, at the end of the week, if they have done ALL of their chores and gotten every flower, they should have 12 flowers in their garden. Like this...

Here's the ringer. There are UGLY weeds. In our house whenever someone is not obeying, we say that they are "being ugly". Thus, ugly weeds. They can get an ugly weed for having a bad attitude during school, fighting, and whining or backtalking.

This is what their garden would look like with ugly weeds. I'm sure we will NEVER have them looking like this. Funny thing is, I couldn't decide how many ugly weeds to make. I really wouldn't want to run out of them, because that is a high probability around here. ;) See how the weeds crowd out the pretty? A spiritual lesson here y'all, thus the point.

On a positive note, there is a little cup full of yellow and blue flowers that are Mommy and Daddy's flowers respectively. Whenever we catch them doing something good that they were not asked to do, we can place a special flower from Mommy or Daddy in their garden. Won't it be fun for them to find a surprise special flower some day!

Take note, there are different color flowers for each day of the week, so it is easy to tell who didn't do their chores on which day. ;) Clever, y'all, clever.

At the end of each week (Sundays) we will give rewards for their chores. Last year we did money for their piggy banks if they did their chores, but it was hard for them to see any results because they never really got to spend the money. This year there will be a whole reward system.

Each flower is worth 1 token. So, with six days a week, two flowers each day and one token per flower, they have the chance to earn 24 tokens each week. My math skills, they are fascinating!

However, ugly weeds count as minus 2 tokens. So, we will count up flowers, give tokens, and then take away any tokens for ugly weeds. Still with me?

Once they have their tokens, they can keep them (in a special box) or they can spend them. Their "spending" choices are the following...

10 tokens=pick from treasure chest (The treasure chest is full of little things like stickers, jump rope, jacks, suckers, fruit roll-ups, etc.)
15 tokens=stay up late (15-20 minutes to hangout with Mom and Dad alone)
20 tokens=ice cream cone (go with Mom or Dad to get one, probably Mom)
20 tokens=rent a movie or go out to eat (go with Mom or Dad, probably Dad)
40 tokens=go to movies with Mom or Dad (probably Dad)

Here are their "coupons" for some of the above choices to hold onto until we are able to redeem them.

Our kids are so young, that they will most likely want instant gratification, so they will usually probably pick the treasure chest. That's why it only takes 40 tokens to get to go to the movies. My guess is that they will use half their tokens on the treasure chest any given week, so it would take them 1-2 months to save enough tokens to get to do the things that will actually cost us money! We may be revising that if they end up earning a trip to the movie once every two weeks. Daddy would love that, our budget, not so much!

We are kicking off the new Chore Chart System on Monday. We've going to read this book and explain the system and get them SUPER PUMPED! We're even working on a little "chore time soundtrack". You may just get to see a little video sometime in the future of our Chore System in action. How's that for fun?

By the way, if you have boys who wouldn't really like the flower garden idea, this is totally adaptable to other themes. Such as, fish bowls with sharks and different kinds of fish. Really, the skies the limit here. Have fun creating something your kids would LOVE.

Alright, next up in the Organization Overload revealing, THE NEW SCHOOL ROOM! Oh my stinkin' heck, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE NEXT POST! It is thrilling!


Heather said...

Stop it!! Give a girl a glue gun and watch out - you should market these things. Great job. Here's to hoping for few ugly weeds and lots of fun daisy surprises.

Emily said...

You can not even imagine how inspired I am by your part one and part two. I am seriously going to spend my Saturday making these for my kids, only using your idea for a shark and fishies along with flowers for them. We have been doling out allowance for the past year, but they forget their chores and I forget their chores then we all forget about allowance. . .It goes on and on and around and around. This is PERFECT! I'll have to post and link you for the thanks when I'm all done! Yea!!

Meghan said...

I am seriously impressed with your craftiness. I too will probably be doing some version of this at some point. I LOVE it!

Sarah said...

This is so creative and can't wait to use this for my children. I might have to make a sport one for Noah and the flowers for Avery. Thanks for the amazing idea.

Hope said...

Sounds like a hot glue gun party? That sounds dangerous! Thanks for your sweet comments!

Chandra said...

So how much for one of those for my boys? I am serious.

Great job, of course, once again.

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Shoot! This is way too awesome! Do you have it copywrited, or can I borrow it freely?! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!