Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organization Overload-NEW SCHOOLROOM-After

Are you ready for this? You're about to see the results of one week's worth of work. Miss A had VBS last week and Miss C wasn't old enough to go. In an effort to keep Miss C from having a meltdown every night about the fact that she didn't get to go, I made her my special helper on the schoolroom. It was our little project that we were working on to surprise Miss A with on her last night of VBS.

When Miss A got home from VBS last Friday, she ran to the basement to see it. I heard her say, "Oh my gosh! I love it! This is so cool!" Then, I came downstairs and asked her what she thought about it and she said, "I love it. Well, actually, I think it is just amazing."

Here you go, The Amazing Schoolroom Makeover. We painted all the existing cabinetry. Those cabinets you can see in this picture are painted in blue and brown and the black ones are chalkboard paint, so they can be used as chalkboards as well. :) They are really deep cabinets. All of our arts and crafts supplies are stored in there and they only take up maybe two cabinets! The rest are empty! LOTS of storage! Oh, and that's a hopscotch rug, so fun!

This is a close-up of the cabinet near the left wall. It has the weather chart for our daily calendar time on it. See the chalkboard doors?

This is the rest of the calendar time calendar. It is on the pegboard wall to the left of the cabinets.
This is a picture of that wall from the doorway. This is where our counter top "desks" are. I actually have three of those bar stools (two still need put together!) Miss A and Miss C each have their own section of the desk with their books and a basket with their supplies. Underneath the counter top is a GINORMOUS cabinet that is storing ALL of the girl's clothes (and we have a lot of clothes!) We put some cool ABC, addition, telling time, and counting posters up on them.
This is the opposite wall from the "desk". It was the one with the shelves and all the storage in the before picture. Now, it has a cool reading area with a princess canopy and bean bags. Also, the shelves are full with the chore chart, and all kinds of preschool manipulatives and puzzles and a kid's table for Miss O. Her own special little spot. Oh, and more posters here too.

Here are a few more pics of Miss O's special spot. If you look at the top, those are metal clips hanging the girl's artwork on the air vent. This will be awesome for hanging projects to dry.

The best part of the whole makeover? It only cost me exactly $100.00!

PAINT=FREE (We used paint and paint supplies leftover from painting the upstairs when we moved in.)


AREA RUGS=$40 (Couldn't resist. That floor needed something to make it fun and comfy.)

BAR STOOLS=$38 (A whole blog post on this coming up!)

NEW CURTAIN=$15 (Should have gone for the $5 one at Big Lots, oh well.)

BEAN BAGS=FREE (Miss O's birthday presents from Grandma and Papa. Thanks Grandma and Papa!)

PRINCESS CANOPY=$7 (on clearance)

We already had everything else! The girls are so excited. They keep asking if they can go downstairs just to look at the room again! I'm glad they like it, because we are going to be spending a lot of time there starting next week. Speaking of which, next Organization Overload post is all about our homeschool schedule. Now that you've seen the room, I thought you might like to hear how a day of homeschool will go. It's all about organizing our time!


dianna b said...

Incredible!!! I am just blown away by this cute & fun little schoolroom! What an amazing job you did, Hope!! You should be on HGTV!

Emily said...

I love it! I want to come over and be schooled at your house! It's so great that the girls got to help out- the fact that they can take ownership in it has to be one of the reasons they are so excited. I can't wait to see more! You're like the organizational queen!

Sarah said...

This looks incredible! You did an amazing job on it. I can't believe you did all that in one week. It would have drug out for months in my house! I would love to have something like that for my kiddos. Great Job!

Meghan said...

I totally almost missed your "after" post! I can't believe I didn't see it before....your room looks amazing!!! Can we come over and do school with you? You did a fabulous job - fabulous! I'm not surprised your girlies are excited for school to start with a room to learn in like that!

Hope said...

Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun to do with the girls (even with trying to keep the fuscia paint contained to the schoolroom).

Dianna-You're so sweet. I would love to get paid to design people's rooms. That would be fun!

Sarah-It only got done in one week because we had to finish it to start school. I have many other projects that have been dragging on for months! :)

Emily and Meghan-You can come on over anytime you want! ;)

Chandra said...

Oh my!!! Hope that turned out amazing. I knew it was going to be cute but you have outdone yourself. I am soooo hiring you when we get our house (next door of course). I want to do school at your house. Great job!!!!
P.S. Your husband has such talent. I watched Friday night service. That's my bro!!!!