Friday, August 8, 2008

Organization Overload-Prayer Schedule-When

You've seen all our organization for getting the school year going, but the most important step in all of it is missing. Prayer. I can organize all I want, but without prayer, my attempts will be futile.

By now, you might be thinking my organization is a little ridiculous, borderline psychotic? I mean, when someone tries to organize prayer, isn't that stepping over the boundaries a little bit? I beg to differ. When I want to make sure that I accomplish something, I plan for it. Why should prayer be any different? I'm not talking about scripting out every conversation with God, that would take away the relationship part and allowing God to speak to me. I'm talking about having simple reminders to make sure I talk to God about the things I want to talk to Him about.

I don't know if you are like me or not, but I do great at talking to God about personal things that He is doing in my life. I do great at talking to Him about things that are "pressing". I do great at talking to Him about friends or family who have needs. However, there are some things that I know I ought to pray for and want to pray for now, but I always put it off until tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and next week and next month and I still haven't regularly prayed for them! Things like my children's future spouses, my husband's work, our church, etc.

I have read several books about scheduling prayer and they have been helpful, but not easy to use in my life right now with three small children. So, once again, as all organized-type people do, I decided to organize it myself. Here's the result, my weekly prayer plan.

Let me explain when I do this first. I have four main times that I pray.

1. I get up before everyone else in the house. This is NOT easy for me. (Actually I was doing really well, but I stopped for the summer, I'm starting again Sunday!) If you are like me, I cannot just get up and start reading my Bible and praying, I'm NOT AWAKE YET! So, I jump on the treadmill. I have set aside one hour every morning from 5:30-6:30 to walk and commune with God. Read the book PrayerWalk to know why. It actually serves two purposes for me. (Physical and Spiritual exercise!) I spend the first 20 minutes praying. The next 40 minutes I listen to some rockin' praise and worship music on my MP3 player and WORSHIP Him. When I'm done with that, I am ready for Bible Study!
2. I pray over my daily schedule in the shower every morning.
3. I pray for whatever or whoever is on my mind while I do the dishes.
4. I pray over my finances whenever I pay bills, prepare a grocery list, go to the store, etc.

That's when I pray. I'm not saying this would work for everyone, it just works for me! The second half of this post will be what I pray. What about you, when do you pray and do you schedule a regular time to pray?


Sarah said...

Hope, you have no idea how I have been struggling with this. I used to just randomly start praying (in the car, cooking, walking, etc) Then it got to the point that I was doing it before bed and in the morning - and the kids came along (which I wouldn't take back for the world), but it's exhausting sometimes. So, I would find myself falling asleep or my mind drifting somewhere else.
I am very disappointed in myself for even letting it get to this point. When I read your post it hit home with me. This is one of my personal goals. Why shouldn't it be... I owe everything to God, even my time!!

MamaHenClucks said...

I love that you have a schedule. Like Sarah, I often find it hard to find time. Or MAKE time. I used to pray in the shower every morning, looking out at the mountains always reminded me how much God has blessed our family. But now, with O being in school, I'm showering at night and i can't see them so I forget. We've started reading a Proverbs a day at breakfast, but that's for the kids, not my own spiritual growth. Thanks for the practical reminders on how it's possible to organize this important part of my day.