Friday, August 8, 2008

Organization Overload-Prayer Schedule-What

Hopefully you read the when I pray post, and now you're ready for the what I pray part. I've come up with a weekly schedule to pray through all the things that I want or need to be praying for regularly. It's a way of reminding myself to talk to God about these things. It's not a to-do list that I must check off. I don't ever want conversations with God to feel like a to-do list that I can just get over with. I want to enjoy time spent with God.

Having said that, have you ever set aside time to pray about specific things and then after about 15 minutes realized that you've covered one thing and ran out of time for the other 10. Not because you were pouring your heart out to God about the one thing, but because you've let your mind wander. You've gotten your entire day planned and decided what to fix for dinner and figured out what you need to get at the store, but now your children are begging for breakfast or needing a diaper change, and you have no focused prayer time left.

That's where my "schedule" comes in. For me, having ideas in front of me keeps me on track. This is how I spend my first 20 minutes of my walking time every morning. I still allow time after my Bible Study later to just listen to God and talk to Him about whatever I feel He is wanting to talk to me about that day.

Here's the basic idea. I have written out a 7 day prayer schedule. I print them on 8 x 11 paper (one for each day of the week). I put them in a small binder, and put it by the treadmill. Every morning I put the binder on the treadmill and pray through the needs on that specific day. Then I leave it by the treadmill and it is ready for the next day.

Each day consists of the following. I love how God reveals His Character in scripture through different Names for Himself. I've chosen one Name of God for each day of the week that is speaking to me right now in my life. Each day is based on one of His names, a scripture related to that Name, and the various ways I need that particular Character of God in my life right now. In addition, I have 7 areas of prayer each day. I just list prompts in these areas, and talk to God more specifically about it each day. Here are the 7 areas.

PRAISE: Different characteristics of God that I am grateful for. Give Him praise for these.
FAMILY: In our immediate family (parents and siblings), we have exactly 7 families. So, I pray for one family each day of the week.
FRIENDS: People in our lives we know have specific needs. These change from time-to-time as a result of answered prayer! When they change, I like to write Thanks God next to them and then write someone new down.
NEED/WANT: This one is just for fun! I think God likes to give us blessings, and I don't think He minds at all when we ask Him. So, these are things that we NEED sometimes. Other times it is something we would just like to have! :)

Here's the schedule. I've left off specific family and friend names for privacy reasons. You understand.

El Roi-The God Who Sees-Philippians 4:4-9
Praise: Comforter/Peace/Presence
Me: Emotions/Thoughts/Anxiety
Spouse: Emotions/Thoughts/Peace
Children: Emotions/Thoughts
Need/Want: New Bed for Miss C

Jehovah-Rophe-The Lord Heals-Jeremiah 30:17
Praise: Compassion/Healer
Me: Health/Diet/Exercise
Spouse: Health/Diet/Exercise
Children: Physical health and growth
Need/Want: Deep Freezer

Jehovah Jireh-The Lord Provides-Philippians 4:19
Me: Homeschool/Mind
Spouse: Job/Mind
Children: School/Minds
Friends: Other staff members.
Need/Want: New Car for Husband/Bike for Miss C

Jehovah Shammah-The Lord is There-Psalm 121
Me: Marriage/Mothering
Spouse: Marriage/Fathering
Children: Sibling Love
Need/Want: DISNEYWORLD (for us and the Carlsons!)

Jehovah Mekadesh-The Lord Who Sanctifies You-1 Peter 1:13-16
Me: Character/Fruit of the Spirit
Spouse: Character/Daily Devotion/Fruit of the Spirit
Children: Character/Honesty/Obedience
Need/Want: Windows/Siding/Doors

El Elyon-God Most High-Psalm 57:2
Praise: Sovereign/Faithful
Me: Women's Ministry/Speaking/Blogs
Spouse: Ministry/TentPeg Productions
Children: Future Spouse/Purity/Faith
Need/Want: Digital Camera

Adonai-Lord and Master-Psalm 16:2
Me: Priorities/God First
Spouse: Priorities/God First
Children: Priorities/God First
Friends: Central Christian Church/Our new town
Need/Want: Extra income/Debt reduction

That's my schedule! I hope it is somewhat helpful to you or at least encouraging that spending time with God and making Him priority can be done (even when you have small kids around, or should I say, especially when you have small kids around!) If you are interested in using/adapting this schedule for yourself, leave your email in the comments and I will send you the file to adapt for yourself!

Well, that's all for Organization Overload! Thanks so much for joining me here this week. It's been fun! I still have lots of projects needing organized, so I'm certain there will be more organizing in the future (and probably more about space than time, the closets are overwhelming me!) Have a wonderfully organized weekend!


Meghan said...

I really, really like your idea for a prayer schedule. Would you mind e-mailing your file for me to adapt?? I think doing something along these lines would help me be more focused when I pray. I have a hard time keeping my thoughts from wandering all over the place!

Rachel said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and your testimony---I found when I was looking for some sort of prayer schedule. I want to adapt it for myself, but it may save me time if you are willing to share the files. Thanks!