Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Red Plate

We've had this for a long time now, but we finally have a reason to use it! So fun to see our children getting old enough to enjoy this new tradition. Miss A got to use it all day Monday to celebrate her First Day of Kindergarten. We plan to use this for special occasions such as first day of Kindergarten, graduation from medical school, and our kid's first Olympic gold medals. You know, the traditional milestones! :)


Heather said...

Yay Adah! Did you remember to sign the back of it? I need to remember to use ours more often.

Hope said...

Yep, I actually did remember to write on it! She asked why she didn't get to use it again today. Apparently she thinks she should use it all week.

Sarah said...

That's a great idea. What a big day for her!
Just the traditional milestones huh?

Meghan said...

This is a great tradition! I love the idea of a special plate!

This is totally random...do you ever find it weird sometimes that you are a parent and the one starting traditions etc... I still feel in awe sometimes that I have children and am actually somebody's mom!

Hope said...

Sarah-I couldn't help it, I'm totally sucked into the Olympics right now. Miss A assures me that she will be a doctor and is going to win a gold medal in gymnastics (balance beam specifically). :)

Meghan-It is totally weird that I'm a mom! I still think high school was just a few years ago. I wonder if one ever feels old enough or wise enough to actually do this mom-thing right?