Monday, August 18, 2008

Stepping Up-Week Five

I loved Beth's challenge to wise up, encourage one another, and love each other deeply during the video portion of our study this week. So, today on this here blog, let's stand "shoulder-to-shoulder" and share about these three things.

Let's share about a time when someone fulfilled one of these three things for you OR give an idea you have for how to do one of these three things for another sister-in-Christ (and then do it this week)!

1. Wise Up
2. Encourage Each Other
3. Love Each Other Deeply


Hope said...

Wise Up: Study God's Word Together! Learn from each other's mistakes!

Encourage One Another: I received several cards from women in past Bible studies saying thank you and how much the time spent meant to them. Those cards were what encouraged me to take on another study when I didn't think I had the "courage" to do it! Send a heart-felt card to someone else this week!

Love Each Other Deeply: I can't even express how much love I felt from a specific couple who helped us through the pregnancy and eventual death of our daughter. Countless meals, impromptu visits and prayers, and doing "mundane" tasks for us when we couldn't do them. I need to step out of my comfort zone next time and not just ask if I can help, but step up and help!

dianna b said...

Wise Up...We share scriptures & pray. Remind each other the right thing to do. Share experiences.

Encourage...I love to send cards of encouragement or Just thinking About You. I have rec’d cards like that over the years too. What is so neat is that most of the time it is exactly what the person needed or was just the perfect card for them that day! I like to let my kids or my sister know I’m thinking of them with a text message. I like to text message a scripture verse to my kids to encourage them. (They have even sent a scripture to me!) Once again, it was something God wanted them (or me) to hear for that moment! Also, just calling or e-mailing a friend to let them know I’m thinking of them & sharing a scripture that’s on my heart. I have mailed little care packages. Having lunch with a sis in the Lord.

Love Deeply...God shows me how to love deeply by “doing” for others & by just “being there” for others.
I have a dear sister in the Lord back home in Kansas who I love deeply. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time. One day when I was in town for just a couple of days, God popped the idea into my head to pick her up from work at lunchtime & surprise her by treating her to a picnic in the park. We were so excited to be together, just like old times! Little did I know, as she tearfully shared things with me, the troubles she was going through at work & home! She was so happy, as she shared how much she needed to have such a nice “escape” of a picnic in the park that day, for us to be together & to talk & hug & pray. I was blown away by how God knew exactly what she needed that day & I was so glad that He used me to brighten her day, to make her feel special & deeply loved.

Hope said...

Dianna-I love the story about the picnic! What a fantastic example of loving deeply. I can't wait for the day when my kids are old enough to text scriptures to me! (Though who knows what the technology will be by then!)