Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Revenge

You know my little issue with the flies? Well, we put these up.

It is fascinating entertainment y'all. The husband can now be called Lord of the Flies. He's been taunting the flies all day. He shoos them into the window trap, and then watches them get stuck. We've been saying things like, "Look at you now little fly, come and get me. Go ahead, fly off and get me. Oh, you can't can you? That's right, you're stuck. Hahahahaha."

The strips, they are a-working. We've got 14 in the kitchen one. Take a little looksie. (Look at the blurry strip with those black spots. The black spots are flies stuck to the window strip.)

Closer up, just so you can see it better.

Here's the part that disturbs me.

Who would really leave that on their window for months? It is really rather disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

These are fun we use them too! Muwhahaa!