Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Field Trip: The Apples of My Eye

You want to know one of the great things about homeschooling? We get to go on field trips as a family! We went out for our first field trip this past week. Miss C is studying the letter A this week, we're studying trees and seeds in science, and our read-aloud for the week is Johnny Appleseed. Any guesses where we went?

Well, the apple orchard, of course!

I grew up going to the apple orchard every year (and the peach orchard, and the strawberry patch, and the pumpkin patch, etc.), and I have such fond memories of it. The fun tractor ride out into the orchard.
Searching for the perfect apples, which were always up really high. Just high enough, in fact, that we HAD to climb on Daddy's shoulders to reach them!

Eating apples right off the tree.

The smell of apple cider and apple butter and all things apple inside the "Country Store". And, of course, posing on a silly bench with silly faces just so Mommy can get a family picture.

We went on Monday and the girls are still talking about it. I think the youngest one keeps sneaking into the kitchen and taking bites of the apples. What do you think?


Kim ~ My Journey said...

Oh how fun! Your girls are adorable! Have a great weekend....

Meghan said...

How fun! Your girls are so sweet!

Our family trip to the orchard is planned for next weekend - I can't wait!

MamaHenClucks said...

What a fun trip. The apple bites made me laugh because I was thinking of Ramona from the Quimby books who kept taking bites from the apples until she got sick. Her reasoning? The first bite ALWAYS tastes the best!

Chandra said...

The girls are sooo adorable. I love apple picking and pumpkin picking and blueberry picking and black....okay you get the picture.