Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Field Trip: It's Golden!

Remember the Red Plate and all the accomplishments we plan to use it for?

First day of Kindergarten: Check.

First Olympic Gold Medal: Check.

That's right, Olympic Gold! As her father says, "She won it in the 300 meter individual medley relay." Here's a closer look.

You looked too close, didn't you? Yes, it actually says Men's Volleyball on it. ;) Okay, so here's the guy who really earned it. His name is Scott Touzinsky. You can read all about him here. That's his wife Angel in the background. She's my husband's cousin, so we now have an Olympic Gold Medalist in our family. We are so proud of him!

They were visiting his family in St. Louis and were able to find some time in between an interview with local radio and throwing out the first pitch at the Cardinals game, to meet all of us and share the medal with us. He is a wonderful guy and we had a great time getting to see them (and the medal of course!)

Thanks so much Scott and Angel for sharing your medal with us! We enjoyed getting to see you! Hopefully we'll see you again before your next gold medal!

The girls were really into watching the Olympics with us this summer and we've studied about the history of the Olympics in our homeschooling, so this was a great field trip to get to see and hold one in real life! The girls thought it was so cool to get to actually see one of the medals they had been seeing on TV!

So, what is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? I'm all about the gymnastics and swimming, what about you?


Emily said...

How FUN!! I'm sure the girls LOVED that! My favorite olympic events are definitely gymnastics and I always like watching the winter olympics, too. Pretty much all the cold weather sports, but downhill skiing and the stunt/tricky skiing.

Meghan said...

This is so great! And how exciting for Miss A to actually get to WEAR it around her neck! And how exciting that you have a bonafide Olympic Gold Medalist in the family! Wow!

I love the swimming, diving, track and field, and, of course, the gymnastics. Basically, I love everything about the Olympics. I always have, and I get really sad when they're over...

Aimee said...

Oh, so neat! I would have LOVED that kin of field trip.

Heather said...

You already know mine - but I'll throw it in there anyway. Volleyball - I saw him win this medal. Not in person, of course... gymnastics, swimming, and some track and field. I still can't believe you wouldn't put the thing around your neck - we'll wait until you earn your own. Which event will that be in again?! :)

Oh by the way, you are kicking my you-know-what in blog posts. Slow down a bit, will ya?

Ashley Griffin said...

the swimming is at the top and then the gymnastics are second.

MamaHenClucks said...

Hi Hope! I left you an award over at my place :)

Meg in Tally said...

I want to see, I want to see! We are VOLLEYBALL family. We watched the Olympic volleyball teams into the wee hours of the night! I bet it was exciting to watch one of your own.

I wandered over from MamaHenClucks. Since she 'awarded' you, I thought I would check you out!!! Love your blog design...and your famous cuz!

I'll be back!