Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loser Lowdown List

1. I love The Biggest Loser. Have I mentioned that before?

2. What's with Jillian giving marriage/life counseling? I love Jillian, but I was really disappointed in the pathetic advice she gave Michelle. "Her mother did the best thing she could by leaving her father because she wasn't happy?" Hello? For better or worse? How about, you are not to blame for your parents' divorce. You can CHOOSE to forgive her, forget the past because you cannot change it, and work on the relationship NOW.

3. The Grey Team and The Yellow Team really needed to be at the ranch longer, I didn't want either team to leave.

4. Having said #3, I thought the Yellow Team should have gone because they were the ones who "gambled" to put themselves under the yellow line.

5. Having said #4, I thought the Grey Team should have gone because they technically had the lowest weight loss for the week.

6. I'm obviously torn about the decision.

7. I'm obviously a little too into the whole show.

8. Instead of my typical ice cream snack while watching the show, I chugged the rest of my water for the day!

9. I spent the whole night getting up to pee.

10. That was way too much information and not about The Biggest Loser at all.

11. I want a big hill, a big water slide, and a big clock. That workout looked like a lot more fun than my treadmill and weights! :)

12. I always thought "The Ranch" was out in the middle of nowhere. Funny, seemed to be a lot of traffic on the street at the end of the water slides!

13. The husband actually watched this episode with me. He got all excited about Rocco's cheap recipes, added up how much it would cost to just repeat the seven recipes four times a month. Didn't say another word about it once they showed what the recipes were. Did anyone else find that none of the recipes looked even remotely appetizing?

14. I loved that Bob removed the yellow line in the gym. However, I think he was a little too worked up over a big piece of tape.

15. I could do without Jillian's cursing at the contestants.

16. I could do without the contestants cursing back at Jillian.

17. I think the lack of ice cream and chocolate is making me a little too opinionated.

18. I couldn't end on an odd number, does that make me odd or just a big loser?

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