Friday, September 12, 2008

No Other Gods-Roll Call!

Today is the day! I'm so excited to get started with this study! My book came a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to dig into it ever since, but I have been patiently waiting. Okay, so I actually just had a lot going on and didn't have time to dig into it, but whatever. I was still patient, right? If you know me well, you know that patience is not really my strongest fruit of the Spirit. On that note, let's jump in.

First, let me explain how this will work.

1. There are five days of study for each of the 8 weeks. Do them whenever you can throughout the week, just have them done by Saturday.
2. Each Saturday morning, I will put up a post with some of the questions from the leader's guide in the back of the book to spark some "comment" discussions. Feel free to jump on the blog at any time during the week and join the discussion. You can comment on Saturday and then come back on Monday and add some more, whatever you have time for or feel compelled to do. We may have better discussions and get to know each other better by stopping by a few times a week. I'll keep the "latest post" link on the right sidebar to make it easy to find.

I'm hoping and praying that our lives will be changed through this study. This is one of those topics that I don't think you can study too often or too much. We must constantly be making sure who is on the throne in our lives, and getting rid of anything or anyone that doesn't belong there!

If you just stumbled across this post and want to join, it's not too late! Order the book from LifeWay here and then download the first week's worth of material and jump in. If you ordered your book, and it's still not in, then you can download the first week too.

So, if you are committed to joining us for these 8 weeks, introduce yourself in the comments below. Tell us a little about yourself and what you hope to get out of this study! Thanks so much for joining us, I hope to know you all well by the end of this study. Have I mentioned that I LOVE being in God's Word with other women? Well, I DO! So, let's get started! I'll introduce myself in the first comment. See you there.


Hope said...

My name is Hope. I live in the Midwest. We just moved here 6 months ago as God led us to an amazing church for my husband to serve Him as the Video Producer here.

I just started homeschooling my oldest two daughters (5yo and 4yo), and I'm desperately trying to entertain a 2yo daughter at the same time.

Our ministry and homeschooling schedules have made it very difficult for me to do a Women's Bible Study at church. I love meeting with women once a week and sharing our lives together, but I don't have a night of the week to do that right now, so I am really looking forward to meeting you ladies here!

Okay, who's next?

Aimee said...


My name is Aimee Jenkins. I am a stay at home mom of four children ages 7,5,3,2 and I am 4 weeks from having our 5th child.

My husband and I live in the small town of Climax, Ga and he is the local Police Chief.

I am joining this Bible study for really the same reason as Hope, I just couldn't find anymore room on my plate to fit anything else that took me outside my home. Especially with the baby coming.

I am excited to be doing this and I really am looking forward to meeting some great women!


Nancy Simmons said...

My name is Nancy and I, too, live in the midwest. I had the privelege of getting to know Hope through the Bible Study that she led over the summer months. I look forward to getting into this study, and must confess, that I have already peeked and am super excited to journey through it. I am Mommy to two active little boys, ages 8 and 3, and we are paperwork ready for an adventure to Ethiopia to add a little princess to our family. I work part-time as an occupational therapist for infants and toddlers, and have had a yearning to quit, but haven't yet been brave enough to completely sever the ties, maybe because it has become an idol in my life. I'm looking forward to trying this method for Bible study, because I really, really need a way to be held accountable and to stay the course through the entire study. So, let's get started!

Carrie said...

Hi, girls! I am so excited to join this study and look forward to growing in my relationship with God beside you all, as well as getting to know each of you!

My name is Carrie. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Luke, for 7 years. He is a building contractor, but is currently also attending college part-time, majoring in secondary history education. With a full-time job and attending school part-time, it makes for a hectic school year!

Add that to our 3 children, ages, 4, 3, and 4 months, life can be crazy! Right now I am homescholing our 4 year old (he's almost 5), and we attend a weekly homeschool co-op.

I work very part-time from within my home doing writing/research.

With all that, I just haven't had a spare moment to attend a woman's Bible Study at our church. When I hear the annoucements, my heart always gets a wee bit sad, because I really want to attend. I was so happy to stumble upon Hope's blog, and after lurking a while, decided to come out of the closet and introduce myself so I could join with you all!

Praying that this study helps each of us to grow in Him!!!


Kim said...

Hi! My name is Kim and I also live in the midwest. I have two children, almost 9 and 6.

I actually took this study, NOG, this summer with a group of women that met every two weeks at night after our kiddos were in bed. The study is AWESOME! And, when I saw that Hope was hosting it here, I really wanted to go back through it. Since it was summer, I didn't have quite the time to invest and go as deep with the study as I wanted to. And, I hope to do that this time around.

Thanks for hosting this Hope! Looking forward to it!

dianna b said...

Hello ladies! My name is Dianna. I'm a farmer's housewife in southern Illinois & I love it! I've been married 7 years to my husband, a retired USAF Lt. Col. I have a single son who is 28 & a single daughter who is 26. My husband has 2 married sons in their 40's. And I became an instant Grandma to 4 grandsons & I love that too! I also have 18 nieces & nephews! Right now I am in Nebraska for the wedding of one of my nieces.

I am looking forward to this study because for me, it's a new & fun way to do a bible study! It was a joy to meet Hope this summer when she taught a Beth Moore bible study & I am so glad she is doing this one! (Hi Hope!) I am looking forward to meeting some more wonderful new ladies AND I am looking forward to seeing what God does in this bible study!