Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swatting Sounds

This is another "game" we've been doing in school. That pretty flower there that Miss A is holding is actually a fly swatter that my mom gave us. It was too pretty for me to use on the flies, so we went with the sweet revenge instead. Anyway, that left me trying to find a good way to use the swatter. So, we came up with a little game that is adaptable for many different things. Here's how we're using it.

Miss C. is still learning letter sounds and matching capital and lowercase together. So, she spreads all her letter cards on the floor and Miss A and I yell out either a letter or it's sound. She runs around the room until she finds it and then swats it with the too-pretty-for-flies-fly-swatter. They laugh hysterically and she LOVES IT.

Miss A loved it so much that she wanted to play, so we came up with a more sophisticated game for her. Since she is learning to read, we used her sight word flashcards. She spread them all over the floor and then I yelled out a different word and she had to go swat it.

It is a fantastic game, though I don't recommend doing it before naptime as it is NOT a "calming" game. Oh, and you might want to reinforce the swatter with a little duct tape. Not that I had to do that or anything. Maybe I should do a lesson on the art of gentle swatting. Gentle swatting, is that an oxymoron?

We might even start using this game for math. This would be a great way to practice math facts too. Anyone else have an idea for how to use the too-pretty-for-flies-fly-swatter-now-reinforced-with-duct-tape?


Anonymous said...

Now my only question is what games you could come up with for a "too-pretty-for-nails-hammer"

Hope said...

That's funny Tye! I'll have to think about that one. Does said hammer have a Broncos logo on it? Just curious.

Emily said...

I love it! What a fun, perfect way to teach your girls, get them moving and reinforce what they are learning! Good idea! I might steal it later as we try to teach little Ava!

Chandra said...

Gentle swatting? Is that when my boys laugh at me when I discipline them? Not that I swat my children or anything. We don't need a fly swatter we need a fly catcher. Yes, I have two of them. After all, we need the flies for the pet frog. Me living in a house FULL OF BOYS!!!