Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday-Weight Loss Accountability

After having four kids in five years, my body is in desperate need of an extreme makeover. I've been trying for awhile now, but with no success.

A few confessions. I love food. I don't like cooking. I do love exercise. But, I also love sleep.

The last five years, there has been a lot of food. Not much cooking. Some exercise. Not much sleep. What does that add up to? A lot of extra weight and unhealthiness.

I want to be the healthy mom that I imagine myself to be physically. I want to be the healthy woman that I imagine myself to be spiritually. Through my Bible Study and prayer time these past few months, God has really been working on me and how much I need to DEAL with this area of my life.

So, no more excuses, I want to GET IT DONE! But, how do I do it? Here's my approach, and so far, it's working!

1. Call upon God for His help! Seriously, we are able to call upon the same power that resurrected the body of Christ! Why have I tried so many times to do this in my own power when I have access to the All Powerful Creator? (Check out the book Faithfully Fit for some daily inspiration with regard to this!)

2. Have Bible Study and prayer time every morning. Yes, I love sleep. I am NOT a morning person. But, I'm letting God know that I am serious about putting Him first and breaking this stronghold (because that really is what it is!) Up at 5:30 I will be! I've learned that if I wait to do this later in the day, someone always needs me and it doesn't happen. But, they can't need me when they are fast asleep in the mornings. (Check out Breaking Free and No Other Gods for studies in putting God first!)

3. Pick a diet plan and stick to it! I'm choosing to do Weight Watchers (not meetings though, I'm also working on our budget). I've had a little success with it before, but didn't hang in long enough. Any sensible diet plan works if you believe in it and actually do it!

4. Pick an exercise plan and stick to it! I'm doing the Body for Life weights and also walking 1 hour a day. (The hour exercise may seem like overkill, but it is a spiritual walk with prayer time for me. Read the book PrayerWalk to learn more.) I've been doing it for two weeks now, and I feel so much better already! I really am one of those rare people that likes exercise, so this works for me, but this and this and this are great options too.

5. Find some accountability! This is the best part of it all. I have started a new private blog with another female friend who is struggling with exactly the same thing as me. Together we are going to do this. We've committed to one month to start with, and halfway through the month, I don't think either one of us will come remotely close to quitting there!

We are each posting our daily menus, our exercise, and weigh-ins. We're encouraging each other through Bible Study and prayer. There is something amazing about knowing that someone else is praying for you in this area that is so helpful. There are tons of weight-loss sites out there where you can become part of a community, and I'm sure they are helpful.

What I like about a private blog with one other person, is that you KNOW when they have not posted. You can help figure out how to improve diet and exercise. You can PRAY for each other daily! It is wonderful! My weight-loss partner lives 2 hours away, so you can choose any one to do this with! Also, you don't have to be on the same schedule. I post when I have time, she posts when she has time!

6. I'm expecting great things to happen. No more wondering if my plan will work. I know it will. Why? Because when you call upon the God of the Universe, you can EXPECT great things to happen!

Anyone else out there have experience with weight-loss accountability? What other recommendations do you have?

That's what is working for me. There are hundreds of ladies posting things that work for them over at Rocks in My Dryer, go check them out!


Kim ~ My Journey said...

Great ideas! Love the accountability partner/blog! Blessings as you begin this....

Fuschia said...

I love this! I'm on a weight-loss journey, too. I just started NOG. I homeschool our five girls. blog's name is Living in the Land of Pink!!! Sounds like we might be kindred spirits ;)
I'll be on the look-out for a accountability partner.

MamaHenClucks said...

There is nothing better (or harder) than having an accountability partner. I love that you are not just addressing it as weight, but putting it into the context of being spiritually and physically healthy. God is a God who can take on ANY of our needs, including in this area.

Ashley Griffin said...

hope, you know that i love this. it really changes your perspective on it when you change from just your overall physical health (which yes, we know is important, to your spiritual health, which is the most important. I also get up that early too and loathe getting up early, but not the reason for it. i love my sleep too. but i love my God more. and if i don't do it first thing, it wont happen later.
i also took a new perspective on that too. When Beth Moore did her simulcast recently, our church was a host church and I was there. She pointed out a few verses about why she felt it was important to have quiet time in the morning. Now, not necessarily Bible study time. if you can do both great. if not okay too. but to begin your day with God in quietness, prayer, listening for him through His Word.
Ecc 11:6 tells us to sow our seed IN THE MORNING
IS 50:4-5 points out that we have a capacity to hear God in the morning in a way like NO OTHER part of the day.
So, whether its 15min or 50min, we should start off our morning with God. Also, the Word tells us that we are to give God our "firstfruits". I don't think that just means money...I apply that to the best of everything I have...the best of me. And if i wait until the end of the day, most of the time...theres not much left of me at the end of the day. I am sure you understand that!
Anyhoo, sorry I didn't check into the roll call. At the time I thought I would be able to do it. I didn't know that we were going to be starting another Bible study at our church between Oct 7 and Jan. but we are and I help lead a small group for the Bible studies. We are also going through a book/workbook on personal revival as a whole church that has homework in it everyday and i didn't think that i would be able to do 3 studies at one time. believe me, i was really bummed cause i really want to do NOG. but i am sure i will be checking in to read some of the discussions!!!!
(sorry this was so long)

Sarah said...

Have accountability is a huge help. Since I started my workout blog it has been a huge help because you know that other are looking at what you're doing.

You amaze me! I loved how you put everything in God's hands. I pray to be more like that because I always feel like "I" can fix my own probems instead of relying on him first and foremost! Thank you for reminding me of this!

Totallyscrappy said...

I've often thought about a weightloss blog, but I've never done it because I think some aspects or weightloss are personal. I never thought about making it a private blog!