Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Other Gods-Week Four

Aimee had her baby this week! Click here to meet Grant and send Aimee some love. She had just finally gotten her book a week ago and then had a very busy week this week with a family member's surgery and the birth of her baby, so continue lifting her family up in prayer this week. Congratulations Aimee!

This week's study probably stepped on a lot of our toes. I know it did mine! I have always loved the story of Rachel and Leah and for the exact reasons of what we studied this week. Why is it that we can't seem to get past the fact that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side? It always seems like it is, but it never is! We get to the other side and get everything we want, and then suddenly we look back over the fence at the very side we just came from and it looks greener over there!

This idea is true in so many areas of our lives, but as women I think marriage vs. singleness and pregnancy vs. infertility is one area that affects every single one of us at different times in our lives. Ooh to be content with the portion that I am given and fill myself up with Him alone! It is a daily battle and one that I will never give up on! Let's continue to battle it together!

Here's this week's questions. I'll be back this afternoon to give my answers. "Talk" to you then. Have a wonderful Saturday ladies!

1. Describe a time when you finally got the very thing/person you had longed for and it didn't make you as happy as you thought it would. (page 89)

2. Write about something/someone you don't have but are convinced would make you happy if you could obtain it. (page 89)

3. On page 93 you read, "People will do far crazier things when something threatens their ultimate thing." Can you think of examples from the Bible or from current news?


Ashley Griffin said...

Hope, just wanted to share a little tip about the grass..
It's called the 80-20 rule.
What is means it that no one, especially your spouse, is going to be able to meet 100% of your needs ever. Most of the time it's more like 80%. So we constantly crave that 20% we don't get. Then what happens is we "meet" someone and they seem so wonderful because now someone is meeting that 20% we were craving. Usually it's too late by the time we realize that 20% is all we were getting...

dianna said...

W A Y back in the 70's when I was in 8th grade I met a boy at a jr. high skating party & fell so in love with him. We went steady over the summer but he broke up with me right before 9th grade. I was heartbroken. Secretly, I wanted to marry him someday! I prayed practically every night for the next several years that he would love me & that God would let me marry him someday. Crazy me! I just wanted to be loved so bad. (This was before I knew the Lord & before I knew ANYTHING about life!)

Anyway, 5 years later after we graduated from highschool & he came home from the Marines we met up again, dated, drank & partied, fell in love & got married. I thought God had answered my prayer!
Well, I got what I wanted alright, but I didn't get the kind of husband I wanted...because he was an alcoholic!

So for 18 years, most of them miserable, I was married to an alcoholic, still praying for God to change him & have him love me someday. Well - sigh - it never happened. I thought I would be happily married ever after to him but our marriage ended in the early 90's.

All I wanted was someone to love me....and then...God...came along & reached down & saved me back in 1992 to show me that He was the One who wanted to love me, who loved me all along, who wanted to show me His love, what it was like to be REALLY loved, to have someone, His Son, to die for me & save me from hell, to save me from my own way of doing things & to love me & delight in me & make me feel special like a daddy makes his daughter feel special & how a husband is to make his wife feel, to be delighted in, a prized possession, a precious jewel that belonged to the Sovereign, Almighty, Most Powerful God, My Abba, My Husband who would take care of me & love me! I remember way back all those years ago in catechism classes we would answer the question of Who is God? God is love. And then to finally know what that REALLY means when you finally have it supernaturally reavealed to you by the Holy Spirit that GOD is LOVE! And HE is My FATHER! And HE wants me & HE LOVES me! It makes those 18 years (1977-1995) seem like a speck in time compared to the Amazing, Powerful, Wonderful, Incredible, Taste-and-see-that-the-Lord-is-Good, LOVE of God!

So....after about 7 years of being a single mom, when the time was right & for His good pleasure, & for His great glory, God blessed me with the right kind of husband. A man He sent, a man of His purpose, who would reflect God's kind of love for me & I in turn would do the same, for God had been preparing me that whole time too. Now, we aren't perfect, but we sure do love each other! And constantly thank God for each other, realizing every day that He was the One who brought us together!

This is a very short version of a VERY long story! AND a VERY long answer to a very short question!

After having said ALL that, one thing I know is this...the pot roast & pumpkin muffins at the end of the chapter sure do sound good!

Nancy said...

First off, I must say that I absolutely love Dianna's response & do agree that the pot roast & pumpkin muffins sound yummy on this fall evening. We are headed over to Eckert's pumpkin patch tomorrow with Zane's class, so I've got pumpkin on my mind!

For me, this week just reiterates what I've been feeling/ expressing over the past couple of weeks. I've lived much of my life chasing after that "thing" that would fill the void, bridge the gap, etc. to my contentment. After growing up in a broken home with very little in the way of material objects, I longed for financial stability and security through my career. I had my career path very clearly defined in my mind from the earliest day of college. Well, thanks to our Lord, I was able to meet my self-made expectations and for years, it seemed to meet my needs. But, now, all I can think about is how my career, even working on a limited basis, pulls me in a different direction than I want for my family. So, right now, I'm struggling with that overwhelming sense that I don't have the role of being a stay-at-home Mom and that I would be happy if obtained that status. I know that if it truly God's plan for me to give up my role as an OT and focus my energy toward being a Mom & homemaker, then it will indeed bring peace & joy. I have tried in the past few years to look at my job as a therapist working in the homes of young children as a ministry to reach families with the love of Christ. So, I don't want to give up on those opportunities, especially if that is where He has fully planned for me to be.

OK...yes, I am very indecisive & strongly feeling that I'm no good at balancing the "supermom" act. Just ask my guys...I've been a little on the grouchy side of life this past week. I seek to move in a way that God wants me and walk by faith. Thankfully, I know that He is bearing with me through my lack of discernment & that He adores me anyway!

Kari said...

1) I would say moving into my own apartment after living with my grandmother and her dog. I love my grandmother, but two adult women living together is a very difficult thing. I don't know how the Golden Girls did it! I was so ready to have a space of my own, but my apartment had thin walls. My next door neighbor was hard of hearing, so he spoke loud all the time, and he smoked, which seeped through into my apartment, which always, therefore, smelled like smoke, and I HATED that! Then my upstairs neighbors moved out, and a family moved in upstairs. Surprisingly, it wasn't a crying baby that bothered me, but they always seemed to be dropping things on the floor. Large things. All the time! I had some other neighbors after they finally moved out, but none compared in loudness to them. So the apartment that I longed for, that I thought would make everything better once I had a place of my own...didn't. (But the house is working out nicely!)

2) Something/someone I don't have but am convinced would make me happy if I obtained it/him? Hmmm, every single guy I ever a had a crush on! But there have been two big ones. Two guys that I spent a year of my life (each) pining for, believing that God was just telling me to wait, that He was going to work it out for the two of us. He didn't, of course.

Hope said...

I just realized that I never put my answers up this week! Sorry ladies, what a slacker! I'll be back during nap time today to put up my answers and respond to yours! Love you ladies!

Oh, and the pumpkin muffins, I think maybe they need to be part of our get together. What do you think? I'll be putting a post up about it later too.

Hope said...

Ashley-Thanks for the tip. Just one more example of how Jesus is the ONLY one who can fill us 100%! We'll be disappointed by anyone or anything else every time!

Dianna-I love your testimony and how obvious your love for God is in your life! You are a great witness for what God can do in a life that is surrendered to Him! Thanks for your willingness to continue to share your testimony! Oh, and you cracked me up with your comment about the pot roast and muffins! Thanks for the laughter!

Nancy-I'm going to respond to you in Week 5's comments. I can sort of relate (from the other side of the fence!) Love you girl!

Kari-I loved your response about the housing thing. I've been there too, but didn't even think to write about that one! Now, it's the bigger house, the nicer house, the furnishing, etc. I am soooooo grateful that we have a house here though!

My answers:
1. This answer may seem very insensitive and I don't mean for it to be at all. Let me just start by saying that I ADORE and am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that I have children! God showed me through our circumstances that not everyone gets to conceive easily and have healthy children, so I know and do not take for granted my children at all!

The thing that I longed for and it didn't make me as happy as I thought is children. We dated four years before getting married and then were married for three years before we decided to start trying to get pregnant.

It took us nine months to get pregnant. When we finally did get pregnant, we were told there was no baby, just a blighted ovum. Went back two weeks later and found out there indeed was a baby! Fast forward through 11 healthy weeks of pregnancy filled with vomiting every minute of every day to a 16-week ultrasound where we were told our baby would never survive to full term and then would never survive outside the womb. Fast forward through 5 months of carrying our first baby to full-term and delivering only to have her life for two hours. I just wanted a baby!

We started trying again as soon as we could and found out three months later than we were indeed expecting our second child. Fast forward through a very emotionally gut-renching pregnancy to delivery of our second child one month before our 6th anniversary.

It had taken nearly three years to have the baby that I so desperately wanted. She REFUSED to nurse and I was in severe pain from it. She had jaundice and had to be in a light bed. She had colic. She had reflux and "spewed" projectile vomit on EVERYTHING in sight. She WOULD NOT SLEEP! She looked exactly like our first baby, so emotionally I was a wreck! I spent that first month wondering why I wanted that so badly for three years! I had spent three years invisioning my lovely infant child snuggled up to me and sleeping peacefully and how joyful I would be as a mother. Needless to say, she did not live up to that potential. I learned though that NO BABY could have lived up to that potential. It wasn't a child I needed, it was a deeper relationship with Christ, to let Him fulfill me and not the blessings that He gives! Lesson learned, motherhood is messy and blessed regardless of how God blesses you with your children, and yet the children can NEVER fill the void that Christ needs to fill!

2. See number one. ;)

3. SO. MANY. EXAMPLES. Politics, nuf said. Murder, nuf said. Adultery, nuf said. That's what we like to call MOTIVE!