Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biggest Loser Thanksgiving Live Blog

1. Oh, I miss Coleen too. Absolutely, Vicky will be after Amy. She missed her chance to take Vicky out! Bob, we don't like Vicky! We wanted her gone! I guess now we know that Bob probably pressured Amy into voting for Coleen. Heba is right, Vicky is still out to get Amy. Did you see those evil glances from Vicky? I'm sick to my stomach seeing Vicky put on her sweet face for the NFL players. I would so be flat on my face on that rope course. Too funny that they have football week and there is only one guy left on the ranch!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: I REALLY want to see Four Christmases. I wonder if I can cram that in this weekend somehow? OH, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I love it!

2. Michelle's legs are looking skinny in those tight black pants. Ugh, Vicky is so manipulative! Right on Renee, Vicky should have been gone! Whatever, it totally mattered to you who won this prize.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: I'm cold. Going to get some coffee. I'm back. Make that coffee and a cupcake. :)

3. Ed, the only man in the house. Poor guy. Seriously. I don't think I could handle living in that house! What's up with Bob biting Ed's head off? The only attitude I heard was Bob's. I'm sorry, I love you Bob. I really do. Amy is so cute. I don't know how to play football either, honey. Oh man, I was hoping for some tackle football. I wanted to see Michelle and Renee take down Vicky. Well, the challenge actually sounds fun for once anyway. I wouldn't mind 4 nights in Honolulu, though I probably would skip the Probowl and stay on the beach. :) OH my, Heba looks like she was born to wear a football uniform. Ed is funny. I'd be all about catching the balls too. Okay, maybe not. Looks a little harder than I thought. Ha ha, "Heba had already spent that money as soon as it touched my hands." Yep, we can tell she wears the pants in the family. I was hoping Renee was going to tackle Heba to get that ball. Oh, Amy, I can't believe you thought you and Vicky had patched things up. I sure hope Vicky is below the line again this week.


4. Um, hello, did everyone else in the house really not see the Ed, Heba, Vicky alliance? Oh, Amy. There's something about two malicious women being friends that scares me. Anyone else? I don't want to talk about it either Michelle. I'm not sure I want to see "the crazy side" of Jillian. "No one bullies my team, except for me." That's funny. I do hope Michelle, Renee, and Amy win this weigh-in! Does Amy have a crush on Rocco? That turkey looks nasty. Not as good as the one I'll be making Thursday. :) Ham hocks? I just finished making my stuffing today. I can't wait to eat it Thursday!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: We would love a Wii this year. Maybe next year. I don't like K-Mart, too much bad customer service. Every time I go I swear I'll never go again.

5. Amy does have a thing for Rocco, I thought so! I hate touching raw meat. I can't stand cleaning the turkey. Good thing Mom will be here to help! Can you make pumpkin pie with a crumble? Who am I kidding? The crust is the best part. It's not worth eating without the crust! Traditional turkey has 480 calories per serving? That's crazy! New family? You all don't even like each other! That was a sweet speech from Rocco. Does it make anyone else sad that Vicky is a mother and the example she is setting in her manipulative/vindictive attitudes? Thank you Renee, for actually mentioning God!


6. When did they record this Thanksgiving stuff anyway? I never noticed Amy's tattoo before. I love her Mom. Aw, Michelle's Dad is so sweet. Wow, how young is Renee's husband? Those were sweet videos! Oh, Vicky and Brady's little boy is so cute! More than one leaving the ranch? Oh, maybe Vicky and Heba? I suppose that would be a little too much to ask wouldn't it?

COMMERCIAL BREAK: I don't do Black Friday. Me and crowds don't get along very well. It totally drains me and makes me crabby for the entire day. I prefer the online shopping. Yep, I'm an introvert!

7. Oh Bob, drop the four-strong thing please!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: I put that girl to bed an hour ago, why oh why is she screaming at me instead of sleeping? Why don't they make one-piece pajamas that two-year-olds can't unzip? She's been tucked for the fifth time now.

8. Finally, we're to the one-piece weigh-in shirts for the girls. Why can't they just do that from the beginning? Wow, 5 pounds for Amy. I wonder how that will play out? It's amazing how Heba is just now getting to where the other ladies were at the beginning. That's a huge mountain to climb. Even though I don't like her, good for her!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Teasing me with Four Christmases again. Did I mention that I really want to see that? That commercial was gross, kind of makes me want to use Dove, even though I've never liked it. I think that Diamond ring is actually ugly. Oh, toilet cleaning, I have to do that tomorrow and showers and floors and kitchen. I'm tired already. Here we go with Rosie again. Anyone else can't stand her like me? No thanks. I won't be tuning in to that show.

9. I think Vicky is grinning seeing Amy's name move down the list. Ugh. Let's hope Vicky has less than 5 pounds this week. Shucks. One of our three will probably be going home. :( Awesome Renee! But darn, that pushes Amy below the line! Okay Michelle, let's push Heba below the line! She looks so much smaller than 186 to me. I wonder how tall she is?

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Those earrings are ugly too. Can you tell I'm not really a jewelry person?

10. I'm nervous. Holy Moly! I think Bob might throw up! Actually he looks mad! That Heba hug makes me mad, she's totally going to vote Amy off. But wait, where's the twist? So, they'll vote two and two. How do they decide who goes? Wait, Vicky might just vote off Heba? She is manipulative. Maybe Vicky wants to break up Ed and Heba over getting revenge on Amy? Hmmm, interesting. I can't believe this is in the hands of Vicky. Revenge? Made promises to both of them? Oh isn't that convenient?

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Crying again? Seriously, just go to sleep baby girl! I'll be back. "Mommy, I need chap-stick on my lips." Well, if you would stop crying, you wouldn't need chap-stick! I'm a very sympathetic mother, can you tell?

11. Surprise Surprise, Revenge wins out in Vicky's world. Okay, who else is going home? Just cut to it! Did you see the smirk on Vicky's face when Amy walked out of the room? It made me cringe. Oh, I love the makeover shows. Vicky looks awesome! Shellay looks tiny running! I didn't know she can sing! I don't like Tyra either. Okay, did I miss something? Didn't they say two people would be going home tonight? What's up with that?

DISCLAIMER: Remember, all in the spirit of reality TV. Not usually mean and bitter like this. Just talking some smack and rooting for the nice ones. :)

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