Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Search & Win

I was just reading MamaHenClucks post yesterday about how she has all of her Christmas shopping done. Oh.yes.she.does. I admire her. I've been planning to do that for the last few years now because I cannot stand crowded stores. I'd rather shop at midnight than share the aisles with ten other carts and their pushers. Yes, I am an introvert. :)

Anyway, my favorite store is amazon.com. LOVE IT! So, I was very intrigued when I saw this post this morning. I had two thoughts.

1. I could do this because I could use me some amazon.com gift cards AND earn them for doing something that I already do (searching the internet and SHOPPING FROM HOME!)

2. I could do this so that MoneySavingMom gets my referral points because I think she deserves it with all the help she gives us frugal-learners every day!

We've had an interesting year financially this year with the whole career change and move. As a result, we will be having a very small Christmas budget (if any) this year. I don't expect to get a ton of gift cards this way, but every little bit could help! It's worth a shot!

I went ahead and signed up. It was super easy. I downloaded the toolbar too so that every time I search online it will automatically earn me points. If you are interested in this, you can go here and sign up or click the bar at the top of this post. Happy searching and shopping! Well, to those of you who aren't already DONE with your shopping that is!


MamaHenClucks said...

Oooo! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it! I love shopping on-line. It makes it easier AND, it's like shopping twice. Once when I order, and once when the packages start showing up at my house!!

Kim @ My Journey said...

Oh how I wish all of my Christmas shopping and "things" were finished.... hopefully before Thanksgiving! Love amazon too!!! And this idea sounds great too!! Thanks!!!

Carrie said...

I signed up for it too -- hope that by clicking your link that you got the referral points. Looks like a fairly easy way to earn some points. I was excited to see Walmart on the list of eligble shopping partners. Who doesn't order from there?!