Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Another great thing about homeschooling is that we get to make our own schedule. When I made our schedule for this school year, I intentionally took the entire week of Thanksgiving off so that we could just have fun with learning about The First Thanksgiving, doing crafts, cooking, and well, doing all things Thanksgiving!

It ends up that we will be hosting a small amount of family for Thanksgiving this year, so this will be a great time for the girls to create the decorations as their craft projects as well as share with others what they are thankful for. I thought I would share what we are going to be doing with you and see if you have any more suggestions.
To start the week, we will read the book. "Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving." This is a great book for teaching about the first Thanksgiving. We also have the book, "Give Thanks to the Lord." We're going to make a trip to the library this Friday to find some more. Any suggestions for a good chapter book to read together this week about Thanksgiving? Age-appropriate for 4 and 5 year olds?
We're going to make these fun turkey cupcakes.

And maybe even these fun turkey cookies because we have a whole bag of candy corn to use, why not?

And then maybe we will deliver some to the neighbors because we DO NOT need that many sweets in this house!

We're going to make these coloring books to learn more about The First Thanksgiving.

Of course, we'll do a Tree of Thanksgiving. That's pretty much a tree made of construction paper and we will cut out leaves from all different colors of paper and write things that we are thankful for on the leaves and then "decorate" our tree with our thanksgiving messages. We'll put this on our dining room wall so that we can share it with our guests and even leave some blank leaves for them to add to it.

We're going to make placemats with scripture verses about Thanksgiving to use all week.

We might make Pilgrim Hat placecards for our actual Thanksgiving Dinner. We'll have to see if there is time for that!

A Pilgrim Scavenger Hunt is scheduled for Tuesday. We'll talk about things that the Pilgrims would have had at the first Thanksgiving and then have them go throughout the house finding items we have hidden such as corn, pumpkins, a small boat, turkeys, etc.

We'll read Bible stories about giving Thanks, such as Luke 17:11-19.

There are TONS of printable crosswords and word searches and coloring pages all over the internet. We might do some.

I'm hoping to make this centerpiece and fill it with something?

A tradition I started a few years ago, is to cover the Thanksgiving Table with butcher paper instead of a tablecloth. Then we leave crayons all over the place for people to write on the table what they are thankful for. We may just do this on the kid table this year? Might be a little too much with the Tree of Thanksgiving there too.

I'll use these as the kids' placemats because that'll keep them out of the kitchen for awhile. :)

That ought to keep us busy most of the week!

I've been serving Frozen waffles cut into the shape of a turkey for several years, so that will be breakfast on Thanksgiving. Unless I switch to the cinnamon rolls in the shape of a turkey I saw somewhere? After our bellies are full, it's time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and waiting for Lunch to be ready. Yes, we're doing our meal at lunch this year.

A few years ago, when I hosted my first Thanksgiving, I found a great article in a magazine that gave recipes and talked about how to bake a few side dishes each day of the week in order to make Thanksgiving Day less stressful. It was a wonderful article. I used their "schedule" and it worked beautifully. I plan to do the same thing this year. Here's what I'll be cooking each day so that the only things we have to make on Thanksgiving are the turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls!

Monday: Make bacon-pear stuffing. (This stuff is good!)

Tuesday: Make mashed sweet potatoes.

Wednesday: Assemble green bean casserole for baking on Thursday. Make cranberry sauce.

Thursday: Turkey and Gravy, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin rolls (I can't wait to try these!)

Our guests will probably be bringing dessert, so I'm off the hook on that one! :)

So, what will you be doing and what's on your menu?


Kim @ My Journey said...

Our family LOVES that book about Squanto!! And, I LOVE LOVE the cute cookies and cupcakes. I think we might just try those too. Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like an awesome week for your family!!!

PS ~~ Anxious for you to jump onto Twitter and Facebook! Glad to hear that you will be doing so....

Have a super night!!!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Hey Hope,

The answer to your women's ministry question is not a short one. I'll summarize, but if you want me to get into more details send me an email at

Our women's ministry has a "Lead Team" that consists of the Team Leads from all the divisions, plus a couple others with a heart for visioning and prayer. As a team, we decide what divisions we will pursue. Currently, we have a number of divisions, each with a Team Lead and a team/committee.

Our divisions are:
- Bible Studies (we currently have two groups, Monday nights and Tuesday mornings);
- Friendship Factor (a community outreach that provides childcare);
- Nimble Thimbles (quilting);
- Scraps of Joy (scrapbooking and card-making);
- Special Events (we average 2-3 per year);
- Retreat (annually in March);
- Care (freezer meals, etc. - this area is without a leader right now, so it's on hiatus).

For our Bible studies, we purchase materials and follow a curriculum that's already been made for us (usually DVD studies with study guides). Some examples are "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" by Angela Thomas, "Captivating" by Shannon Ethridge, "Listening to God" by Donna Jorda, "Driven by Eternity" by John Bevere, and a variety by Beth Moore.

All the other divisions pretty much play it by ear, and plan their activities as a team (with many meetings, lol).

And this was the short version... Hahahaha! :)

You still thinking of coming to She Speaks?

MamaHenClucks said...

We made the cookies one year - so fun! You are going to have a GREAT week. I love all that you have planned!