Friday, January 30, 2009

Find Joy in the Unexpected

On the day of Jael's funeral, my sister gave me a necklace with a pendant of Jael's birthstone. It was exactly what I needed that day and has brought me such joy ever since, except that having three healthy children since then means that the chain it was on has been broken numerous times. Okay, so I've actually been through four chains (babies just LOVE to pull on necklaces!)

I've been looking for the perfect necklace to put it on, but haven't been able to find one. I think I found two that would be perfect today.

This is the first one, it says, "Find Joy in the Unexpected" which summarizes exactly how I feel about Jael.
This second one would be simply stunning with Jael Elise written on it and her pendant hanging on it. I've been inspired today for what to do with my pendant. Now if I can just win it. That's right! Sarah Mae is giving away one of Lisa Leonard's necklaces over on her blog. If you want a chance to win one for yourself, head on over and check out Lisa's designs and then go to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee to enter the giveaway!

I'm putting this post up to get another chance to win and also hoping that if I don't win the giveaway, then maybe my husband will read this and he'll be able to save the money to get it for Mother's Day or March 28th, whichever. Love ya hubby! :)

By the way, this would be an incredible Mother's Day or birthday gift to any mother who has lost a child! I'll be bookmarking her site so that I can utilize her designs in the future! Now, go take a look and maybe you will be inspired by Lisa's designs today as well!


Meghan said...

I SAW she was giving one of those away! They are beautiful!

Heather said...

Don't you LOVE them?! I've been eyeing them myself. I've told Jon it would be a great new-baby gift for me. If we could just figure out his name, I could get the initials engraved. :) Here's to hoping you win!!