Saturday, January 31, 2009

Question #17

What's the single most important thing you could do to improve
the quality of your work life this year?

For the record, I'm considering homemaking as my "work" for this question.

Have more patience and use my time more wisely.
That's two, but I notice when I haven't used my time wisely, I'm more impatient, so I figure they go together!


MamaHenClucks said...

Oh they definitely go hand in hand. I'm the same way.

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

For my work, which is also keeping my home, I need to remember to look at it as a Divine calling (rather than just a list of tasks to complete).

Dianna B said...

Hi Hope! After working practically my whole life until age 46 - and so wanting to be home with my kids, especially when they were teens - I'm finally a stay at home farmer's wife/homemaker. My husband says it is such a good feeling when he drives up the driveway at night with the ol' tractor after being out in the field all day & seeing the lights on in the house & knowing I'm in there making supper! So I just love keeping the home all lit up for him!

As far as improving the quality of my work life....hmmmm with all the time in the world now, you would think at my age I'd get all our clothes folded & put away sooner! But I think putting myself on some sort of schedule so that I WILL get more things done is my answer!

Okay, so tomorrow I plan to fold all the towels that have been hanging around in a basket just waiting to be folded & I will fold all my clothes that I took out of the dryer today & put in a pile on the couch to fold while I watched TV tonite but I got sidetracked - phonecall, computer, eating popcorn with hubby - so I will fold them tomorrow, by golly, even if it's the only thing I get done!! :-D