Friday, January 16, 2009

Question #5

What is the single biggest time-waster in your life,
and what will you do about it this year?

Without a doubt, blogging and time on the computer! I've felt God telling me this for awhile and so I'm going to listen. This year, I'm limiting my blogging. Here's how.

1. I want this year to be a Jesus-Year in my life and on my blog. So, for Pinkadoodledoo I will only be posting Motivate Me Monday and Memory Monday and Bible Study posts (after the 31 questions are over that is).

2. Once a month (or more if necessary) I will post pictures of family stuff on my family blog.

3. I'm not adding any new content to Healing Hope. Unless, God makes it evident that there is something he wants me to share.

4. I have dropped a ton of subscriptions from my Reader and just kept friends and family and a few women that I really want to keep up with. In this way, I hope to limit my time blog reading. (I even dropped, Big, Boo, and Rocks!)

So, what do you waste your time doing?


MamaHenClucks said...

Without a doubt, it's blogging. I'm in the process of adjusting both the Henhouse and the family blog, in order to limit my time as well. I've found that for the Henhouse, it's better if I plan out the week of posts and have them ready to go. The family blog takes much less time and I work on it after kids are in bed or at school. I'm heading towards also making the Henhouse more spiritually focused, so we'll see how that works out! It's all about being intentional, and I don't want my family to look back and think I never spent time with them because the computer was more important.

Meghan said...

Once again, I have to agree with you. I too waste a lot of time on the computer! It's crazy how addictive blogging can become! I've also scaled back considerably on the blogs I look at, and I'm trying to limit my time spent on the computer to a half hour (unless I'm actually posting, then it might be a little more) once a day during nap time ONLY so as not to steal precious minutes from my girls and husband! This is a work in progress of right now I'm typing this comment while Iris is watching a movie...and it's not nap time!:) Baby steps...

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I ditto all of the above, with one slight difference. I generally set aside a bit of time in the AM to write for the blog, so I feel that time is well-used. But, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading blogs, playing word twist on facebook, etc. My hubby commented on it a while back, then the next day I received a P31 devotional that spoke about time-wasters. LOL!

I need to empty out my feed reader a bit, too. I think the blogs I should continue reading are: those that equip and train me (for life as a wife/mother, ministry, or writing) and those that I have built relationship with. Like sweet Hope! :) Sadly, I don't think Boo, Big, or Rocks fit into either of those.

Maybe I'll keep their links in my favourites menu, so I can pop in and visit occasionally.

Sarah said...

100% time of the computer. I usually try to get on while I work when the kids are asleep, but there are days where I feel completely obsessed with something and I can't step away from it - and then I feel so quilty.
My goal is to ONLY get on when my kids are asleep - ONLY. That's at least two hours, and that should be sufficient!