Sunday, March 22, 2009

The God Chronicles-March 2009

I know, the God Chronicles is supposed to be on the 20th. So, I'm a few days late. Although, judging from the fact that I haven't blogged in an entire month (where did the month go? Oh, that's right, we've been sick all month!), I'm guessing you weren't really expecting a post anyway. So, surprise, here I am! Okay, let's get started, here's what God's been doing this month around here...

This is my youngest daughter, Miss O. This is her new thing she does when she has done something that she knows she is not supposed to. I often find her walking through the house covering her eyes.

I can immediately walk into the room that she came from and see what she has done. For example, an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, stickers on the bookshelf, pen marks on the counter-top, playing with big sister's Leapster, using every wipe in the container, putting on sister's dirty underwear. Okay maybe that last one was a bit much. I'm just telling it like it is. That was this week.

It cracks me up because it is a dead giveaway, yet she genuinely thinks that if she can't see me, then I can't see her, which means that I can't see what she has done. I'm having a hard time telling her otherwise, because I kind of like being able to tell when she has done something wrong!

I wonder how often we treat God this way. How often do I just hide my spiritual eyes thinking that if I don't look at Him, he won't know what I have done? Or how many times do I see a need in someone else and instead of helping, I just hide my spiritual eyes and pretend that I didn't see?

As much as I would love to not tell her that I can still see her, it has provided a great teachable moment with all three of the girls. God still sees us, even when we try to hide. We are so much better off to just go to Him with our problems! And, we should use our spiritual eyes more often to see the need in others and ACT on it!

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